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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Spell refocused (trapping) Savage Worlds

Another character we are working on is a druid. Although he will have shape change he wanted a magical melee attack. The druids arms shift to bear like forearm and claws. We want this to be a supernatural attack and not dependent on the strength of the druid.

I will be mixing the effects of both smite and bolt. So the profile will use smite, minus the ability to effect others. Do 2d6 dmg like bolt, with a +2 to dmg on a raise like smite.

Spell refocused (trapping) Savage Worlds

One of my players has a cleric type character, too marshal to be a priest. Arcane background (faith) is included in his build.

He wants a "summoned soldier" as part of his build.

We chose to reskin summon ally, we are going to use only the bodyguard use and drop the others. Instead of stone the bodyguard is a hero of old summoned to our world to defend the believer. The toughness is pure supernatural energy. Every 3 power points spent another bodyguard is summoned. Number summoned is limited to caster level, one at novice, two at seasoned and so on.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Montu of Sansua Pregen/NPC Savage Worlds

At a very young age Montu was apprenticed to a medicine man. He learned of the spirits and the land. As exiting as it was, Montu was a restless young man and had dreams of his own. He often sought out those that traveled the trade routs and told tales of the foreigners and foreign lands.

Montu's life changed the day the British explorer and occult hunter Alister Cunningham stopped in the village to rest on their way to far off places. Alister told tales of the world he had seen and Montu was transfixed. Montu disguised himself as a servant in the caravan and stowed away.

Over the next years Montu proved himself an able spirit guide and warrior, saving the life of Alister and his men numerous times. Montu has made a place for himself within Alisters inner circle of explorers. Montu is Alister's most trusted confidant and adviser on all things to do with the spirits and the land.

Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d8, Vig:d6. Pace 6", parry 5, toughness 5, Charisma 0.

Healing d4.
Survival, Climbing, Throwing, Stealth, notice, Faith, fighting, d6.

Curious (ma) Montu wants to see the world.
Loyal (mi) Ones traveling companions must all trust on another in the dark places.
Pacifist (mi) kill in defense only, Even the scorpion has a job to do in this world.

Arcane background (Miracles)
-See with spirit eyes (Detect Arcane)
-Call of the land (Elemental Manipulation)

Paladin Samual Magnas Pregen/NPC Savage Worlds.

Samual Magnas is the second son of Lord Tyeston of Wellstead. Being the son of a poor nobleman he was without destiny. His father gave him up to squire for the crown prince feeling that if he could not be destined, at least he could be near it and bring glory to his name and lands.

Then the blight wars came and soon young Samual found himself in the chaos of battle, fighting at the side of his lord. On the tragic day his lord was cut down Samual was again without destiny. Even with his valor and respect he had earned, it was not the same as having true destiny.

Samual was approached by the High Bishop himself to join a new order, One made up by all manor of freemen. The orders ranks were filled with skilled freemen and second sons like himself. Yet all were equal and brothers. An order that with the backing of the temple of Everlight might create its own destiny and turn the tide on the darkness.

Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d6, Vig:d8. Pace 6", parry 6, toughness 6, Charisma 0.

Taunt d4.
riding, notice, faith, d6.
intimidation, fighting, d8.

Heroic (ma) Would rather die fighting the good fight than live a coward. And no better way to go than helping those in need.
Code of honor (ma) Keeps his word, and keeps the peace.
Vow (Mi) To the temple of the Everlight. To put dont the blight.

Holy Warrior
Arcane background (Miracles)
-Shield of faith (Deflection)
-Divine mercy (Healing)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dorina Gray Npc/pregen Savage Worlds

Dorina Gray can see dead people, worse yet, they can see her right back. Dorina's mother was a founder of the white coven, the protectors against malevolent magics. Her father was a sorcerer of the dark arts who turned to the light. You could say Magik is in Dorina's blood. As a child dark forces tried to claim her, taking the life of both her parents. Dorina now works as an occult investigator and hunter, hoping one day to find her parents killer.
Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d4, Sp:d8, Vig:d6. Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 5, Charisma 0.
Fighting, stealth, d4.
Notice, Investigator, shooting, d6.
knowledge Ritual, knowledge creatures of the night d8.
weirdness magnet, If something weird is going to happen, it will happen to you. And something weird always happens.
Arcane Background.

Thomas Kane npc/pregen Savage Worlds

The streets of Metro city are cold and hard, so is Thomas Kane. Once an enforcer for the Verello crime family. He refused a job and is now burned as a "professional". Although forgiven by the head of the family Antonio Verello, Kane knows his refusal was a black eye to his son and heir Victor. The day Victor takes the helm those streets will get even colder, so might Kane.
Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d6, Vig:d8. Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 7, Charisma 0.
stealth, d4.
taunt, notice, shooting, driving, d6. intimidation, fighting, d8.
Enemy (mi) Victor Verello, may become major some day soon.
Code of honor (ma) Even a place like the streets of metro city there are rules, and Kane is not the heartless brute others think he is. " no woman, no children.... And I prefer they have it coming".
Fast Healer.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Logan Mathews pregen/Npc Savage Worlds

Logan Mathews was once a wanted man. Many tall tales surround him, he either denies or downplays them all. Doing a few jobs for a federal judge bought Logan a clean slate.
Logan is now a deputy, and right hand man of sheriff Josiah Granger of the town of wormwood.
Agi:d8, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d6, Vig:d6.
Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 5, Charisma 0.
Fighting, stealth, d4.
taunt, tracking, d6.
Gambling, riding, shooting, d8.
Enemy (mi) during Logans time as an outlaw and a lawman he has made a number of enemies.
Code of honor (ma) Logan was raised right. No lyin, cheatin, or stealin.
Logan is never without his custom pair of Colt lightning pistols.

Focus Stones (Rune Stones/magical item) Savage Worlds

Lesser Rune stones are created as a general spell foci. Each Rune is inscribed with a mark of power, the mark may vary from stone to stone but the effect is the same. When the lesser Rune stone is held in the hand, and a spell is caste the stone is consumed and "activates".

An activated Rune stone can amplify one of four aspects of a spell. Either the caster has +1 die type on casting roll (d6 becomes d8), The target has -2 on any save roll, the spell does one more die of damage of the appropriate type, or the type of damage changes to a type of damage chosen by the caster.

Greater Rune stones are created of much greater magics than those of the lesser. Greater stones are created for a specific spell.

Greater spell stones can be of a level fron 1-4. The greater Rune stone is consumed in the place of power points. So for example a level 2 spell stone would be consumed in the place of two power points reducing the final cost.

Rune stone creation rules to come.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

GM Intrusions in Savage Worlds

I've been running some The Strange and find one of the mechanics called a "GM Intrusion".

A GM intrusion is an action taken by the GM to spin the narrative in a different direction. Often bending or breaking the normal flow or order of things.

Example intrusions can be a sudden ambush, a villain/monster acting out of turn, even end or extend the duration of an effect. Most times they twist the narrative to make conditions worse for a player. That player is considered the target.

In The Strange and Numenera the player who is the target or most effected is offered XP to take the intrusion and allow it. If he accepts than the intrusion happens and the player gains the XP. But the player can deny the intrusion by paying one XP of their own.

Intrusions are often described as "Something that the GM was probably going to do anyway".

This seems like it could be a cool mechanic for Savage Worlds as well, using bennies in the place of XP.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Specializing and double specialized in 5E

I must admit that I love how proficiency works in 5E, simple and lite. With wiggle room like the Rogues the two skills they get to double their proficiency bonus on.

This got me thinking about additional training with regards to proficiency. I don't want to steal the rogues thunder and give other classes that big of a boost to skills, but having a rule for additional training would be nice. It could also be used in instances where the character gets the same skill from two different sources like say class and background.

I'm planning a game which will use only the (free) basic rules and some home brew subclasses. In that game I'm going to try out these house rules.

All characters at creation can pick out one skill to be specialized in. This skill nets an additional +1. If two character options give the same skill twice, that skill also becomes specialized and gains a +1. If the skill gained twice is also chosen as the one specialized skill then that skill is double specialized and gets a +2 instead. These bonuses all stack with proficiency bonus.

I'll see how this works.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

CyberPunk - Shadowrun (Savage Worlds) Pregens

Here is a few CyberPunk - Shadowrun Pregens, Could also be used as NPC hirelings or possibly a rival crew. They are pretty basic. Made them in just a few minuets with just the core book.

Arron Loke Solo/Cyber-Samuria Novice
Ag:d8 Sm:d4 Sp:d6 St:d6 Vi:d6
Driving:d6 Fighting:d8 Healing:d4 Intimidation:d6 Notice:d6 Shooting:d8 Stealth:d6
Pace:5" Parry:6 Toughness:7/9 (5) Charisma:0
Hindrances:Code of honor, Wanted (has a record, Prints and DNA on record)
Edges: Brave, Martial Artist
Gear:Silver Street-line pistol (as Desert Eagle in core),Kevlar Vest, Sports bike, 500$
Cyberware:Wired Reflexes (as Danger Sense)

Tabitha "tabs" Wilson Wheels/Rigger Novice
Ag:d8 Sm:d8 Sp:d6 St:d6 Vi:d4
Driving:d10 Fighting:d4 Healing:d4 Notice:d8 Persuasion:d4 Shooting:d4 Stealth:d4, Repair:d6.
Pace:5 Parry:4 Toughness:4 Charisma:0
Hindrances: Arrogant, Loyal, Vengeful (min),
Edges:Danger Sense
Gear: Eagle 99 Pistol (as Glock in core book), Set of tools, Starline midsize sedan, 500$ 

Sigmund "sin" Robison Hacker/Techi Novice
Ag:d6 Sm:d10 Sp:d6 St:d4 Vi:d4
Driving:d6 Computer:d10 Notice:d8 Persuasion:d4 Repair:d4 Shooting:d4 Stealth:d8
Pace:5 Parry:2 Toughness:4 Charisma:0
Hindrances:Cautious, Yellow, Greedy
Edges: Connection (hacker consortium), Connection (Black-market dealer)
Gear: Eagle 99 pistol (as Glock in core), Hacking unit (wrist model), 500$.
Cyberware: wireless Cyberlink to hacker unit.

Sam Lin Street Shaman Novice
Ag:d6 Sm:d8 Sp:d8 St:d4 Vi:d4
Driving:d6 Fighting:d4 Healing:d6 Intimidation:d6 Notice:d6 Shooting:d4 Stealth:d4 Magic:d8
Pace:5 Parry:4 Toughness:4 Charisma:0
Hindrances:Outsider (many people don't trust magic users), All thumbs
Edges: Arcane Background: Magic
Gear: Eagle 99 pistol (as Glock in core),Sacred text, scrolls, Fetishes, Sports bike, 500$

Other kinds of points (Savage Worlds)

I've read a lot of house rules for expanding the utility of Bennies, adding a bunch of different effects. I've had the idea for a while to add different kind of points to the game. Much like arcane backgrounds add magic, psionic, or superhero points.
Most of these are mechanics from other games that I like, tuned for Savage Worlds.
Some of these could require an Edge, or GM can just hand them out as a setting rule if all players in a setting get them.

None of these are intended to be used together, But are intended to be used alongside regular bennies. Besides the "earned" edge option these are meant to be one time per session use. They are not replenished till the next game session. Not that I would dream of telling others how to use and resource in their game, This is just my intent in making them.

EDGE points: Edge points should be few but powerful, One per session would be best in my opinion. I would not recommend more than two per player. Or maybe there is just one edge that is earned and spent before any other player can earn it. Edge can only be spent at initiative, when its used its as if the player spending it got dealt the big joker.
Investigation points: Players each get 2-3 points and can spend them to instantly pass skill checks to find clues. Or if spent during a successful roll they gain more insight and treat it as a raise on top of any raises rolled.
Extra Effort points: These push points are for instances when making that one roll really counts. Starting with 2-6 effort seems to work best. Players cant use more effort on a single roll then their rank, so for example novice can only spend 1, on any 1 roll. Effort must be spent before the roll, each effort adds an additional d6 to the roll. The additional die do not explode, but rather just add to the total. Extra effort can be added to damage rolls as well, but only add d4s to the damage and also do not explode.
Escalation points: At the top of every combat round after the first, every player who participated in the previous round gets an escalation point. All weapons do +1damage for every point a player has. Players can spend them to get +3dmg on a single damage roll.
More to come.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Red hand (Savage Worlds)

Criminal Organization I created for my Savage Bullets RPG. Could just as easily be used for any street level supers or cyberpunk settings as well.

The Red Hand is a criminal organization with it's roots in the Japanese yakuza. The Red Hand's overall motives are a mystery. At its lower echelons its all about territory and making money. Unlike some other criminal organizations, the red hand believe in respect, honor, and personal responsibility. Following their yakuza roots they often see themselves as protectors of those that live within their territory. One of the few instances that "protection money" really will gain you some protection.

The lowest level (mooks) of the red hand are gangsters. They come in three flavors. The "suits", "the gogo gangers", and the "rabble".

The suits are the ones who show up to politely persuade you to pay "your fair share" to the community.

Suits: all attributes d6.
Fighting, shooting, street d6.
Pace: 5, Parry: 5, Tough: 5.
Pistol 2d6-1
Go go: all attributes d6, agility d8.
Fighting, shooting, street, drive d6.
Pace: 5, Parry: 5, Tough: 6.
SMG 2d6, leather jacket, motorcycle.
Rabble: all attributes d6, smarts d4.
Fighting, shooting, street d6
Pace:5, Parry: 5, Tough: 5.

Leading a group (5-15) of  these mooks is an Oyabun or Boss. Multiple bosses of a city or region meet monthly to discuss business.
Oyaban of each group has the same stats as the mooks but is a Wild card and has a D8 shooting and fighting, and intimidation of d6.

Higher ranks above Oyaban are myth and rumor, its beloved that regional bosses have many Oyaban under their command. It's also rumored that the big bosses have a shadowy organization at their disposal, the shadow hand. No one but the big bosses know if these assassins and infiltrators are real, or just a boogy man used to keep mooks and enemies in line.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Palladium Combat in a nutshell

In my Palladium rules rant post I gave a very simple rundown of combat. I got a few messages about it asking me to expand it to make a resource for new players.

Palladium Combat Cheat Sheet :
I find Palladium armor rules to be simple and elegant. When dealing with SDC armor:
Roll less than 5 you miss. roll less that AR, armor takes the damage to its SDC. Roll over AR, then the character takes the damage. Damage either goes to armor or character SDC, after character SDC is depleted damage goes to hit points. That is all there is to SDC combat.

Natural SDC armor is like worn SDC armor, but simpler. Rolls below 5 are a miss, rolls below its AR hit but do no damage. Rolls above AR do damage to SDC of the character.

Maga Damage is even simpler, all damage from a successful hit roll goes to armor first, only after all MDC is depleted does a character take any damage.
SDC weapons can't hurt MDC  objects. MD weapons do 100 damage per point of damage (x100) rolled to SDC objects.

Targets of an attack (defender) can use an action to make defensive actions. Defensive rolls try to beat the attack roll. Highest wins with defender winning on a tie.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beyond the Supernatural, Magic

Been looking closer at Beyond the Supernatural. I know a lot of people howl about BtS being woefully incomplete because of the lack of magic. I guess if all I owned was the BtS core I might be a bit more concerned.
But, since I own 35+ Palladium books I think I can make it work just fine. Looking through Palladium fantasy there is so many great ways to use magic. Wards, Runes, magic wards, and summoning circles. If you think about the show Supernatural, Constantine, or most urban fantasy/horror this all fits in really well.
As far as spell casting is concerned I find a lot of the basic wizard spells to be just fine for a modern setting. Yes there are some spells I would eliminate, but most are not so out of place to me. There are at least a few from specialty lists I would allow as well. If I wanted an even simpler solution I could just use the magic and spells from the magic system from Heroes Unlimited.
Magic in my games will be a tool of the common person. While psychics are an inborn "gift", Magic is a learned skill. Both the Ordinary people p.c.c. and Parapsychologist p.c.c. will have access to magic.
In my opinion the Parapsychologist is the closest to a "Wizard" class as BtS should have. Magic can and is often best as a plot device. Pouring over dusty old books, looking for that one spell to deal with the unspeakable horror.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Savage Worlds RPG, Why I Dig it Part 4.

What do I think is the #1 best thing about Savage Worlds?

While I find Savage Worlds to be a indeed "Fun, Fast, and Furious". And a great many of it's bits and pieces are outright fun and combined make for a great game experience.

I'm sure everyone has had experiences with Savage worlds zealots, your on some message board and some guy just will not shut up about how Savage Worlds can do this or that better, faster, and do it while running backwards. This is often new players who just learned about the system and almost cant help themselves. When you ask them what is the best thing about Savage Worlds you get the Fun, Fast, Furious line and some of the things I posted in part 1 & 2.

But for me the absolute best thing about Savage Worlds is its AMAZING community. I have found that across the board its what a gaming community should look like. If you look on Facebook, G+ communities, and PEGs own message boards you will find some of the most friendly and helpful people. Savage Worlds has great writers, designers, Licensees, Game masters, and Players who support and encourage each other. Its something that needs to be witnessed for yourself.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Savage Worlds RPG, Why I Dig it Part 3

Exploding Die: Most die rolls explode, if you roll max on a die (6 on a d6) you roll the die again and add it. This makes your heroes truly feel heroic when they make that "should be impossible" roll. This is another rule that makes Savage Worlds feel heroic and fun.

Raises: A raise is when you do better than just succeed. Not just did you shoot the card, you hit the center of the Ace of spades. Raises are both a great meter for mechanical success, Its also a great story telling tool. How I describe the scene can have a lot to do with how well the players did something (or how badly the did at it) with skills or attributes. This is a big deal to me as a GM, Seems to often its easy to get into a success or failure train of thought. Mix Raises and the Exploding die rule above it can lead to some very momentous moments.

Characters: The way characters are made and fleshed out in savage worlds is great in my opinion, Die are allocated to ability scores and skills and additional traits like edges and hindrances (advantages and disadvantages) are picked out (and balanced) to flesh out your character. As a point buy system (minus the points) it can be quick and easy or as arduous as you make it. Although over all I find it very quick, its even quicker once players become familiar with the system. I've seen criticism that "all Savage worlds character look the same". I will say a big no on that, But I kind of understand where its coming from, kind of.

My brothers characters almost always have Ambidexterity and Two fisted. That is because my brother almost always plays the same type of character, which in general is a two weapon wielding combat guy. For that kind of character those are two very good things to have if not necessary to pull it off properly. That's not the systems fault, that's my brothers taste in characters. If you have a type that you prefer you will find some options are more beneficial to that type of character. The choices available at character creation are many.

All I got time for, see you in part 4. If there is one......

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Savage Worlds RPG, Why I Dig it Part 2.

In this part 2 of my love letter (or so it part 1 was called by a friend of mine) to Savage worlds. I'm going to cover a lot of ground fast. There are a lot of small things about Savage Worlds that make it so much fun. Small things add up. Part 2 is going to be in a totally different format that one was (and if I do a 3, I'm sure they will be as well).

Players as the Heroes: In any good work of heroic fiction the protagonist is not the common guy on the street, but is instead something special. In savage Worlds this is very true. Player characters and special key NPCs (both allies and enemies) are wild cards. While every one else is mooks/goons. In most any given roll wild cards roll an additional die (wild die) and pick the best of the two. While mooks only get their attribute or skill die. Wild cards have more wounds while mooks take one on the chin or the gut and they go down. My players love to wade through waves of mooks, just to have that epic battle with the wild card "boss". This rule really does give most savage worlds game feel heroic. Settings can still have gritty or less heroic rules, but your character is always a cut above.

Cards for Initiative: This is an aspect that really speeds up play, each player and wild card enemy get dealt a card from a standard deck of cards. Mooks often get a card for a group. Characters act in descending order of the cards, Starting at Ace and working your way to duce. No forgetting who is next, not confusion over who acted already. And jokers are kept in as fun little kickers. This works so well I've adopted it as my default for initiative for other games. Its also a very hackable initiative system for us tinkers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Savage Worlds RPG, Why I Dig it Part 1.

I think by now most everyone knows I love the Savage Worlds system. The web is full of people singing its praises or blaming it for the downfall of modern society. I'm not trying to sell the system to any one, Just pointing out why I like it. Maybe it will be useful to others, maybe it will not.

Everyone is familiar with Savage Worlds reputation for being Furious, Fast, Fun. Its Savage Worlds tag line and number one sales pitch. But I think there is more to love than just that.

One of the things I think is great about Savage Worlds in also something others have voiced their dislike. Savage Worlds at its heart (Combat system) is a miniatures game. Now before I get torn apart by savage worlds ROLEplay fans, let me disclaimer. No, you don't HAVE to use minis when playing Savage Worlds, they are 100% optional. I ran Savage Worlds for (5 straight) years and never once used miniatures.There is plenty of rules in Savage Worlds that encourages roleplaying and character immersion.

That all being said, Savage worlds combat system is listed in inches. Weapon ranges, movement, & spell ranges all in inches. There is even a set of rules called Showdown with army builder rules to play a strictly miniatures game using Savage worlds. Some settings just beg to be run tactically, Necropolis for example, I want to run a game of Necropolis as a war-gaming campaign.

Its very easy to choose and adjust the part miniatures will play in your game. You could use no miniatures at all, just multiple each inch by two yards. Or use minis just for complicated combats to show general location but otherwise use yards.You can even run all combat tactical taking full advantage of the rules in inches. Or any combination in between.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A (new) blog is born

I've decided to start a second blog. Gaming Ronin will continue as it has. Expect more of everything in the future.
I'm starting a Strands of Reality blog. This will be just for the Cypher system.
There might be some double posting in the future but not much.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Strange RPG (Numenera)

I've read through Numenera RPG a few times. I really find the cypher system refreshing and interesting. Its approach to rules lite feels very right to me.

Shortly after I read it over the first time I remember some one asking on Google+ "what is one product you wish you liked more than you do". I answered Numenera. While I found the system appealing, the setting was just too far out there. Looking at it as a fantasy setting I found it so removed from my idea of fantasy I just wasn't sure I would ever run something like that. If I have an abundance of anything, its fantasy settings/games.

I hadn't thought too much of it until the other night I stumbled across a review for The Strange RPG. I really like what I read about it. I find the idea of incursions interesting. Looks like The Strange RPG might be my gateway into the cypher system.

Expect to hear more on this.........

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Running Cyberpunk with 5E D&D?

Ive seen a few posts around the net about using guns in 5e D&D. Mention of black-powder as well as modern. So it got me thinking, what would be that absolutely simplest plug and play way to run something like Cyberpunk. Just plug and play and run. So here is a quick shot at it.

Street Samurai
HD:D10, primary:Str, Dex.
Armor proficiency: Light, Med, Hvy armor.
Weapon Proficiency: Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, Hvy support.
Tools: Gunsmith.
Skills: choose any three.
Start with 4 contacts.

HD: D6, primary: Cha, Wis.
Save: Cha, Int.
Armor proficiency: Light armor.
Weapon Proficiency: Pistol, Rifle.
Tools: Disguise, forgery.
Skills: choose 6.
Start with 6 contacts.

Techi (Hacker)
HD: D6, primary: Int.
Save: Int.
Armor proficiency: Light armor.
Weapon Proficiency: Pistol.
Tools: CyberDeck.
Skills: Choose 6.
Start with 4 contacts.

All firearms have a crit range of 19-20.
Basic pistol 1d8 piercing, 100/800 double tap
SMG  1d8 piercing  100/600 double tap, spray
Rifle 1d10 piercing 400/1000  2-handed
Assault Rifle 1d10 piercing 400/800 double tap, spray, 2handed
Shotgun  1d12/1d6 piercing  30/200, 2handed
HMG 1d10 piercing spray, spray2, heavy, 2handed.

Double tap: take two attacks against the same target, do not add dex bonus to either shot just proficiency is it applies.

Spray: releasing a burst of rounds at a target. every possible target within 5' of the initial target must make a Dex save or take weapon damage. initial target of the attack takes an additional 1d10 on a failed save.

Spray2: Attacker picks a spot to attack, all targets within a 10' must make a Dex save or take x2 weapon damage, normal weapon damage on a successful save. Any roll 5 greater than the save DC take no damage.

DC of a firearm attack is 10+proficiency(if applies)+Dex adj of attacker.

Light Armor: as Studded leather.
Medium Armor: as Breastplate.
Heavy Armor: as Splint.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dwarven armor (mastercraft-magic) 5E

Among the demihuman races of the middle lands there are craftsmen of renown. As they work they can't help but imbue some of their own magical nature into every hammer blow.

Dwarven masterwork items are imbued with the resilience of the Dwarves themselves.

Dwarven armor is only forged in medium and heavy. Dwarven armor is a bit less rare as Elven, but prized just as much. Dwarven armor is found can cost x3-x5 that of standard armor of the same type.

Wearing Dwarven forged armor gives the wearer a +1 to all con saving throws. After wearing the armor for more that a month the wearer gains a one time bonus of 2 hit points.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Taking 10, 5E D&D.

Looking over the PH I can't help but compare 5E to other d20 derived games.
I think that 5E might be the first d20 derived game since True20 that I feel comfortable using the take ten rule.

I always found scaling DCs based on the characters level and skill points made taking 10 only useful at very low levels. With 5E a DC 15 task will always be a DC15 task. And not a DC 20 just because the character is over level 15.

I've never really like the idea of Take 20, The idea with more time and no stress you are able to not just work more efficient, but at your 100% best every time you do it. Although it does make me thing a Take 15 rule might just need some play testing.

Elven Armor (mastercraft-magic) 5E

I really want a range of armor and items for my campaign world that are Masterworked with just a touch of magic. Nothing so common as to litter the world with the dreaded +1 long sword factory. Not so great that it could be so powerful as a +1 to any aspect of combat.

Among the demihuman races of the middle lands there are craftsmen of renown. As they work they can't help but imbue some of their own magical nature into every hammer blow.

True Elven armor is mastercraft armor. All elven armor is imbued with some measure of magic. But even a spark of magic is still magic. All Elven armor is rare to find for sale as it is not so common to be found in markets. If it was to be found for sale it would easily cost 4-6x the normal cost of armor of the same type.

Light Elven Armor (leather & Studded leather armor only) weights 1/2 that of other light armors. +1 to all Dexterity based saves while wearing it.

Medium Elven Armor (Chain, Scale, Breast plate only) Weights 1/2 that of other medium armors. Dex modifier (max 3).

Heavy Elven Armor (Ring, Chain, Splint only) Weights 1/2 that of other heavy armors. Strength requirement two lower to wear.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Sword of winter

This 2-hand great sword was was forged for the king of the east. Specially forged as a giant slayer (+2). It was plunged into the heart of Araud the Frost giant king, taking his last breath. After which it gained a strange aura of cold, always coated in a thin layer of ice. At any time the sword is drawn in temperature above freezing steam looks as if its rolling off the blade. damage done by the blade is considered cold for purposes of vulnerabilities and resistances.

Mace of the wraith born.

 It is said that this mace was brought to the middle lands by Orun the Ice blood, from beyond the western sea in his raids on the middle lands. It was said that he could instill fear in all with in sight of him on the field of battle, that Orun captured a tomb wraith and bound it to the mace so that he could use its power and take on its shape.

+2 Mace of Terror: On command (Once per day) this mace makes the users take on the appearance of (Illusion) dark horror. All living creatures with in 30' must make a Wis save or be panicked (as fear spell).

Ring of Angelic Might (Minor Artifact)

The ring of Angelic might was forged for the Brother Captain Macus of the brotherhood of the shield and thorn. To call upon the ring the wearer must be either a Paladin or a Cleric, and be of good alignment.

Once per week the ring can be called upon to grant the user Angelic might.

When called wings (6' max span) grow from the users back and stay until dismissed, but never longer than an hour, Granting flight (speed 40). For the duration add +2 (might) to the damage of all melee attacks, treat this bonus as an additional strength bonus.

Sword of Truedeath

This sword was forged for the great hero Azreul. It is said that he summoned and killed an aspect of death himself, Taking its scythe and having it forged into this blade. It is said Azreul Slew over 1000 undead on his way to the lair of the lich who corrupted and ravaged his land. The long blade of the sword has a faint trace of smoke that rises from the blade as its swung.

The sword of truedeath is a +2 undead bane sword. (+1 to all other targets). In the presence of a lich it becomes a +4 undead bane sword.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lethality in 5E D&D

I see a lot of comments from people all over the net than have a hard time excepting the (out of combat) healing rules from 5E. The idea of spending hit die during a rest and other mechanics seem to be a common knee-jerk to house rule. I wrote a little about how even more so in 5E that HP is more a measure of endurance than truly wound points in my first 5E post.

When we first got rolling I didn't like the healing rules much, at least not on paper. I decided to run as written and change later if I didn't like it. The lethality of 5E at low level is staggering.

First ambush the ranger went to two HP, and the druid went to 3 first time he was hit. Next encounter almost the same thing happened. By the third encounter they had to rest 3 times and had to stabilize two different characters.

When a single goblin gets +4 to hit and 1d6+2dmg he can one or two shot the average player (at first or second level) on lucky rolls. Monsters seem to be made like characters are, with proficiency bonuses and ability scores that matter. And they have a LOT more HP that previously.

So much of the new edition is geared to faster combat and quick encounters that it just seems backwards to slow the game down or almost guarantee character death just to make the game "more realistic". Seems the only way to not is make the game VERY reliant on magical healing. Just my opinion.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mini-Six, D6, And Breachworld.

In the past I did a review and some write ups for the Mini-Six RPG. A light fast running RPG based on the amazing D6 system (OpenD6) put out (free) by Anti-paladin games. Recently I came across the info about a new game called Breachworld being developed by Jason Richards for the Mini-Six system. Here is some of the info I found out about it:

"What is Breachworld?

                                                                                                                                                                 A A post-apocalyptic, open-world, kitchen-sink, sandbox RPG, powered by Mini Six.

Breachworld, a variation on the OpenD6 ruleset made available to publishers by Open Game License (OGL). The rules incorporate familiar D6 mechanics that we all remember from various West End Games products, but a bit streamlined. Roll against situational difficulties set by the Game Master and root for that exploding “wild die” to come up a 6 time and time again! With one core mechanic, play is fast and intuitive, and easy to learn."- from

This looks like a game I have been waiting to come along, Its got my name all over it. I really love the Mini-Six system and these kind of crazy techno fantasy anything can come through a breach and bite your face off kind of setting.

Next thing I found out about the setting was a Kickstarter for it that I missed out on, But after stumbling across the Breachworld G+ community and asking about the product. I was informed by Mr. Richards that he was running a preorder of sorts and allowing people to back the project even now after the KS has ended. This is directly from

"The Kickstarter may have ended, but your opportunity to support has not!"

"Just because the Kickstarter is over doesn’t mean that your opportunity to support the project has passed you by. If you would like to increase your pledge, or if you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign and want to help make the Breachworld RPG a reality, we can do that.
Simply fill out the form below to contact Jason Richards Publishing to discuss how you would like to support the project. Select from the list of recommended support levels, or create your own and drop us a line to confirm. We’ll then set up the transaction on an individual basis."

I'm going to go back it, I really want to see the d6 system live on and this looks like a great setting for it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

D&D 5E, Session 8, Impressions.

After spending a full session allowing players to add or change things from the basic set of rules over to the players handbook options my group looks slightly different but mostly the same.

I know have a Circle of the moon Druid, a Wild magic Sorcerer, a Hunter Ranger, A Fay packed Warlock, And an Arcane trickster Rogue. Its quite a mix.

Our 8th session ended with every one hitting level 4, every one took a feat but the Ranger and the warlock. The ranger is a human and already had sharpshooter but wanted the +1 to Dex. The warlock chose the +1 to Charisma since it took her from 17 to 18 gaining a step in ability bonus.

Everyone is really having fun, The system has become second nature and the players are really running things on a mechanical level, Sure they look at me on attack rolls and saves to see if they are successful. But most other rolls they just know what to roll and do it with very little input from me. Which is awesome for me, I don't feel like I'm having to worry about mechanics while trying to forward the story.

Another thing that jumped into my brain last session was the lack of magical items. I've given out or offered up none of them. I think back in the first game I gave out a few healing potions which all got used up in the first encounter. No magical weapons or armor....and nobody has really noticed. I really want the first magical Items to be something special, not so much powerful, Just don't want them common place.

Now that I have had even more time to ponder the inner working of 5E I think I like it even more  than my first thought. One thing that has really jumped out at me is the total lack of reasons to multiclass. Seems to me (just my opinion) that with the right combination of class, subclass, background, and feats you should be able to build about whatever you want. It seems to me multi classing will slow progression down too much for the small advantage you might receive from doing it.

Also the DIY community for 5E has been awesome. So many talented people making home baked resources and character options. I thought I might share a few here:

Undead Slayer Ranger Subclass
Blood Magic Sorcerous Origins
True Mutant Race
Unusual races
Psychic warrior Monk Subclass
Quick character generator and rules reminder
Some badass character options, Including Zen Archery for monks!
And last but not least,
An amazing hand drawn old school character sheet...

On my G+ feed I try to share a lot of the great recources that I see, So stop by and mill around when you got time. +Gaming Ronin .

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cloak of Aluniann

This cloak was said to be worn by the ranger Aluniann in her tireless vigil over the northern boarder of the middle lands. It was said that Aluniann could remove the cloak and it would fight by her side. The Cloak was said to be able to shift colors slightly to better conceal the wearer.
+2 stealth to Conceal and Hide checks when holding totally still. Disadvantage to all spot checks to see the wearer moving through light or medium cover.

If the cloak is removed (once per day) during combat it becomes a cloaker and will fight in the defense of its owner. Returning to a regular cloak at the touch of its owner.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Drow in 5E

Now that I have had more time to look over the new players handbook I have a few choices to make. One of those choices in which races will be allowed in my games.

First up is the Drow, I have never seen the Drow as a good playable race. I actually find their inclusion in the PH to be more misplaced than even the Dragonborn or Tieflings.

Rather than just disallow the Drow as a playable race I have decided to replace them with another subterranean race of elves. And keep Drow as a villainous race of raiders and slavers that they are.

My inspiration will be the Elves from Hellboy II: The golden army.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

The new edition of dungeons and dragons is making its way to gaming tables everywhere. As with many, I was skeptical but optimistic that the game I cut my gaming teeth on would once again be played at my table.

I started with the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I was the GM for my group through the second edition (after a while we just mixed and matched books of both 1st and 2nd) and into the very early stages of the 3rd edition of the game, but stopped playing it well before 3.5 hit the market. I gave 4th edition a try, but did not find 4th to be to my taste. It wasn't that I didn't like 4th, It was just more system than I was interesting in running.

I was fairly active in the D&D Next playtest and feedback process.  When the free Basic rules came out I was pleased that so much of what I liked from the playtest made its way into the final product. I downloaded and printed out the basic rules and started up a game. My players found the rules to be really intuitive and fast playing. In the first few games it was apparent that Hit points and Armor class play slightly different roles in this new edition. 

Armor class is now strictly a measure of the protection that armor and high dexterity afford a character. No longer scaling with level or training. Hit Points on the other hand have always been more an abstract pool of health, luck, training and endurance, but mostly health. Now I would say its mostly endurance and training. Healing and Hit Points are much higher in this edition, But so are the monsters Hit point totals. 

I figured with the higher Hit Point totals, easy access of healing, and non-scaling Armor Classes that players would simply walk all over the creatures in the game. Six sessions since basic set of rules came out and at least one player per game has been on the brink of death at some point. It would seem that monsters in this edition hit fairly hard, And because of non-scaling Armor classes they hit fairly constantly.

Skill rolls, Saving throws, and most other rolls in the new edition boil down to an attribute roll. A d20 roll adding ability modifier trying to beat a difficulty. If your proficient you add a scaling proficiency bonus to your roll. If you have the upper hand in a situation you are said to have advantage, if some one or something gets the upper hand on you your disadvantaged. When having advantage you roll two die and take the higher of the two. When disadvantaged you take the lower of the rolls. That is 90% (or better) of the rules right there.

After a few sessions the starter set came out and we got to see more of the basic game. I was even more impressed with the monster stats and how adding to the basic rules didn't complicate the game or make it any more cumbersome. I have the Player's handbook (two copies actually) in hand now, and are about to start our 7th session.

Now that I've had time to look over the Player's handbook I can say I'm sold on this new edition. It hits a sweet spot that is ideal in games I run. The level of character options are many and the system is simple and intuitive. That to me is the perfect combination.

Players have the option of choosing a race, subrace, background, class, and subclass. No two characters ever need to be or look the same. 

Now that I have the Player's handbook I plan to allow my players to make whatever changes they want using all the options in the book. My player who wanted to play a ranger, he built a fighter with Archery as his fighting style. Can now make his character a Ranger instead now.

Another thing I like about the new edition is the players coming up with their own DIY backgrounds, subraces and subclasses. Great to see so many DIYers embracing the game and making it better with their own contributions. 

Our next session will be a players workshop giving players a chance to modify or even remake their characters using all the material on hand. I'm  very exited as the GM to see the choices everyone will make. I love seeing my players get exited about their characters.

All the core books are not even out yet. Looks like the Monster Manuel will not be out till the end of September and DungeonMasters guide will be out in October. Interesting to think my campaign will be 3 months in before the second core book is even out. But we are running with it.

Some blades:

Sword of the Valiant

Five were forged for the knights of Loradin. These were the chosen of Loraun. The first paladins. They accompanied the paladins to the bowls of the black rift, Drew the blood of dark gods and ended the blight upon the land. But were never to return. In game terms these swords are holy avengers. They have no power in the hands of non-paladins. What brave souls would adventure into the depths of such a dark place to retrieve these powerful blades.

The Dragon blood swords of Athenian.
This blade was forged and tempered using the blood of a very old red dragon. It was carried by the legendary high martial Athenian in his campaign to take the highlands from the barbarian horde. It was said he subdued the great drake. Had the blade forged and plunged the still red hot sword into the dragons heart. As the legend goes, after taking the north and subduing the horde. The north was scoured to find an equally old white dragon. A sister sword was forged from the great white dragon. When the Horde returned two years later the swords were lost. Some say the barbarian king has them now. Others believe some survivor of the high martial army escaped with them.  This sword is a fiery sword and its sister sword is a frost weapon. Finding the true resting place of these great blades would be an adventure in and of its self.

Sleshall's Pact blade.
 Sleshall was a Tiefling warlock who through a twist of fate became the defender of a small village from a gange of bandits. Sleshall was killed during the battle but the bandits were all killed or turned away. The blade now sits in the town hall, it is has become a symbol of unity and strength to the people of the village. While this pact blade is not outwardly remarkable it has become a symbol to any one from the area. One day the simple town may become a city. And the blade a symbol of office. Or offered to a party of adventures for defending the village the next time bandits are in the area.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nature Domain 5E Cleric (Druid)

This is my attempt to create a "Druid like" Domain for use in my home game for my brother who ONLY plays druids. It was intended to add options to basic before the PH came out. I'm going to keep it around to expand on the basic game. 

Nature Domain
Domain spells:
Level 1 Mage Armor (bark skin), Sanctuary.
Level 3 Spirit Guardians (fey), Lightning bolt.
Level 7 Fire Storm, Regeneration.
Level 9 True Resurrection, Meteor storm.

Bonus proficiency: Nature

Animal companion: Druids start with an animal companion. List to come later.

Channel Divinity: Shape change
Starting at 3nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity
to a druid gains the ability to turn herself into any normal animal CR 1 or less and back again. The effect lasts for 1 hour per druid level, or until she changes back. 

Woodland stride Starting at 3rd level, a druid may move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at her normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment.

 Balance of life
Beginning at 6th level, the druid may bond two friendly targets together. The bond lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Druid's level. Any healing spell cast on either bonded target heals the other for half the number of points. Any damage dealt to either is divided between the two. Druid must have a long rest before another bond can be made.

Elemental Strike
At 8th level, Any spell cast that does fire, lightning, or cold damage does extra 1d8 damage to
the target. When you reach 12th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8. If the spell does more than one type of damage only the fire, lightning, or cold damage does extra damage.

Channel Divinity: Healing Rain
Starting at 18th level, You can call a rain storm 60' radius. The rain continues to fall for a number of turns equal to the druids level. At the start of any friendly targets turn that starts within the rain heals hit points equal to the druids level. Channel Divinity: Healing Rain can only be used out doors and under an open sky.

Martial Archetype: Ranger

Martial Archetype: Ranger
Rangers are specialist Fighters. Rangers are masters of the woodlands and wild places. specializing in ranged and two weapon fighting.

Pre req: Fighting style, Must take Archery or Two weapon fighting.

Level 3: Woodland Stride: Gain skill proficiency in nature and Stealth. Full movement in woodland and wild surroundings. Advantage on Survival rolls in woodlands.

Level 7: Favored Enemy: +2 Damage to favored enemies. Improved crit against favored enemies (19-20). (choose 2) Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls, Kobalds, Fey, Hobgoblins, Undead, Dradonoids, And any other choices allowed by the GM.

Level 9: Combat Master: (replaces Indomitable) Have advantage on hit rolls against favored enemy.

Level 10: Fighting style: gain Archery or Two weapon fighting.

Level 15: Improved Combat Master: Improved crit when using fighting style (19-20), When attacking favored enemy (18-20).

Level 18: Hold the Line: If the ranger chooses not to move and makes a stand he may make an attack on any enemy as a free reaction who comes with in range (melee) or moves into sight (ranged) up to 5 targets. Rangers cant Hold the line again till after a long rest.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

5E Race Dhampir (cursed background)

A dhampir is the child of a vampire and a human.While a Dhampir is mortal, the blood of the cursed surges through its veins.

To play the race of Dhampir you must also choose "The Cursed" as your background.

Ability score increase: +1 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Cha.

Age: Dhampir do not age as mortals do. After reaching adulthood their age slows if not halts all together.

Alignment: while free willed dhamire's often tent toward lawful, as they are bound to the laws of the night.

Size:same as human.

Speed: 30'
Language: can speak and read common and one language of choice.

Vulnerability: Radiant and fire damage do maximum damage to Dhamires.
Light sensitivity: extreme discomfort while in direct sunlight.
Children of the night: When using stealth skill at night Dhampires have Advantage.

The Cursed (Background)

Skill proficiencies: Deception, Stealth. 
Languages: Pick two.
Trinkets: Roll 3 times on the Trinkets table. These are precious mementos from the long life that you have lived. Memories of lost loved ones and emotional anchors to the past. It would be painful to lose even one of these items.

Start with 15gp

1    I hate what I am, and try to prove to others that I am no monster.
2    I accept what I am. Curse or blessing.
3    I I have been chosen, I don't think I'm better, I am better than those around me.
4    Its because of those fowl creatures that I am this way, I will destroy them all.

1   Tradition: The old ways must be upheld. If we don't have our traditions we might as well be animals. (lawful)
2   Redemption: I will do what I can to prove myself worthy of the light. (Good)
3   Freedom: Mortal laws are for mortals, I am beyond them. (Chaotic)
4   Power: I see no reason I should not use what I am to get what I want. (evil)
5   Live and let live: I keep my opinions to myself, I expect others to do the same. (neutral)
6   Knowledge: I will use my gifts and long life to acquire and pass on the experience and knowledge I collect. (any)

1    I don't make friends easily, But when I do I am loyal to the end.
2    Honor is my life. Bonds and vows are taken to the grave.
3    Protecting those around me is how I prove my worth.
4    I understand that we are not bound by our past mistakes. I will look beyond such things in others.

1    I do my best to not let others know what I am. I do everything I can to keep my secrets.
2    Hunters have found out what I am. I gave them the slip and moved on. Its only a matter of time          before the find me again.
3    I don't get close to others, I am different. I cant pretend otherwise.
4    Its hard for me to forgive an insult. Even is I forgive, I don't forget.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Martial Archetype: Paladin (5E)


The Paladin is a fighter who has devoted himself to the will of a god.

Pre-reqs: None, Acolyte background is recommended.

Detect Evil
Paladins can detect evil within 60'. By concentrating for a full action.

Lay on hands
By laying his hands on a friendly target and saying a quick prayer the Paladin can use his second wind to heal that target instead of himself.

Aura of Courage
A paladin can activate an Aura of courage. All allies within 10' of the Paladin gain advantage when rolling to save vs Fear. The Aura lasts till the end of the encounter. Level 1-5 The paladin must have a long rest before using Aura of courage again. Level 6+ The paladin must have a short rest before using Aura of courage again.

Smite Evil
At level 7 a paladin can Smite evil. When making an attack against any target that has been previously been identified as evil using Detect evil the Paladin gains advantage. Smite evil adds a damage bonus equal to the attackers Proficiency bonus. Smite evil can only be used again after a small rest. Level 10+ double proficiency bonus for damage bonus.

Master of Arms
At level 10 the Paladins gains Great weapon fighting or Protection fighting style.

Touch of the Divine
At level 15 the paladin can call on healing from his divine patron. A flash of light centers on the paladin and effects all allies with in 10' of the Paladin. All effected allies roll 1/2 of their current hit die and gains healing equal to the roll. The Paladin must make a long rest before using Touch of the Divine again.

Next:  Martial Archetype: Ranger

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Alternate magic rules for C&C

I have NEVER been a fan of fire and forget magic of D&D. Even back in the day we used to come up with spell point systems. To each their own and all that jazz, its just not my cup of tea. Ive used a lot of systems over the years but never found one that stuck around for too long and often would resort back to RAW for lack of better options.

In my latest campaign I chose to use Amazing adventures spell casting rules for C&C. And its working out really well. Being the avid tinkerer though I cant resist playing with the system at least a little.

In our games spells are still memorized, but Mana points is spent on casting like in AA. So the average spell cast is a force of will, pure magic shaped to the need of the caster using a formula he has learned. This type of casting requires no components and cost spell level + one in mana points. Memorized spells are treated as a primary trait roll.

Next is ritual casting. Ritual casting is slower, taking at least one full turn. A circle of power or some other magical symbols are scribed on a surface, often the surface being effected. Components are needed (and often consumed) to ritual cast. Circles of power add a bonus based on how elaborate, and components based on how valuable they are. Mana cost to ritual cast is one half rounded down.

Ritual casting can allow a magic user access to spells that are not memorized. Allowing the magic user to cast straight from his spell book. These follow all the rules of ritual casting but are treated as nonprimary for purpose of base difficulty to cast and cost full mana points.

Ritual casting is also being added to my Amazing Adventures games.

Friday, January 10, 2014

(mini) Review: Gaslight (Savage worlds Edition)

Gaslight Victorian Fantasy 2nd Edition (Savage Worlds Edition)

Written by Stephen Miller and Johnathan Thompson and published by Battle field press. Available in PDF and POD on Rpgnow. Coming in at only 80 pages it sure packs a ton of content in those 80 pages.

From the back of the book:
"In Gaslight you will find:
  • A history of Gaslight Earth
  • Five races specific to the setting, including one new one.
  • A host of new general and race-specific edges
  • A Target-Number based Wealth system
  • Rules for Social Standing
  • Weapons and equipment from the Victorian era
  • A Reliquary containing a few artifacts from the history of the Earth of Gaslight.
  • A detailed Gazetteer and Timeline"
Any one who knows me knows I love Victorian era mystery and horror. What stands out to me in Gaslight is its information on secret societies and hidden places. Every page gives me ideas for games I would like to run. Again for its size, this product is full of campaign starters. From secret societies pulling strings behind the scenes, to creatures of the night walking the streets of London. Magic, Monsters and Dark agendas. Its everything I could ask for in a Victorian era source book.

As a side note. This would make a great supplement to PEG's very own Rippers setting. Which I love. Take Rippers games well beyond the Rippers world. Gaslight has a (in my opinion) better social standings rules than Rippers does.

If your a Victorian era fan as I am, I don't think you can go wrong with Gaslight.

Review: Daring Tales of the Sprawl Compendium One

(Disclaimer: As with my other mini reviews, I'm a huge fanboy of the product. So this may be more of an opinionated  overview than a true review)

After picking up Savage worlds Deluxe my first Savage worlds purchase was Daring tales of the sprawl: compendium. By kevin Anderson and published by Triple ace games.

The first 18 pages of this product is setting rules for running cyberpunk games. The rules are a very good example of a fun, fast, furious adaption of a cyberpunk setting. These rules can also be found as a free download on the triple ace website.

The rest of the compendium is 5  cyberpunk adventures. I dont want to give any of it away, but I have to say these are some very good adventures. While being text book they are by no means boring or cheesy.
With info on corperations and the cyberpunk world sprinkled through out the adventures they paint a pretty vivid picture of cyberpunk as a setting.

The adventures are avalible individually as well as this compendium. From triple ace games and

Savaged Ronin

Back when I first moved back to Washington state I came across Savage worlds. I was so smitten with this fast and fun system I ran nothing but Savage worlds for the next 3 years.
Living next door and two doors down from my players (both my brothers). And out excitement about being reunited we played a lot. Some times up to 3-4  times a week for at least few hours after work.
Needless to say we played a lot of Savage worlds. And after playing nothing but for three years I got very burned out. I sold all my books and walked away. Even still if any one asked for a fun & fast game system I would recomend Savage worlds.
I started this blog shortly after. In the last few games my players have dropped hints that they liked many elements of Savage worlds. So putting it to a vote, Savage worlds is back. I have no plans to running Savage worlds so exclusive that I get burned out as I did before.
Its great to see so many licensees for the system. So many great games out now using the system.
Flipping through a few PEG books I am reminded of something I very much dislike. Plot point campaigns included in main books.
While I don't mind buying an adventure from time to time to mine for ideas. I hate the idea of being forced to buy full color glossy hard bound adventures. That some (like Rippers) not just add a meta plot, they destroy or change the setting. I have noticed a lot of licensees don't add plot points to their main books. Making them more my taste than PEGs own books.

Initiative in Index card RPG.

I've had some time to think about some of the workings of ICRPG. Being a tinkerer at heart I can't help but want to come up with mat...