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Friday, October 17, 2014

Savage Worlds RPG, Why I Dig it Part 3

Exploding Die: Most die rolls explode, if you roll max on a die (6 on a d6) you roll the die again and add it. This makes your heroes truly feel heroic when they make that "should be impossible" roll. This is another rule that makes Savage Worlds feel heroic and fun.

Raises: A raise is when you do better than just succeed. Not just did you shoot the card, you hit the center of the Ace of spades. Raises are both a great meter for mechanical success, Its also a great story telling tool. How I describe the scene can have a lot to do with how well the players did something (or how badly the did at it) with skills or attributes. This is a big deal to me as a GM, Seems to often its easy to get into a success or failure train of thought. Mix Raises and the Exploding die rule above it can lead to some very momentous moments.

Characters: The way characters are made and fleshed out in savage worlds is great in my opinion, Die are allocated to ability scores and skills and additional traits like edges and hindrances (advantages and disadvantages) are picked out (and balanced) to flesh out your character. As a point buy system (minus the points) it can be quick and easy or as arduous as you make it. Although over all I find it very quick, its even quicker once players become familiar with the system. I've seen criticism that "all Savage worlds character look the same". I will say a big no on that, But I kind of understand where its coming from, kind of.

My brothers characters almost always have Ambidexterity and Two fisted. That is because my brother almost always plays the same type of character, which in general is a two weapon wielding combat guy. For that kind of character those are two very good things to have if not necessary to pull it off properly. That's not the systems fault, that's my brothers taste in characters. If you have a type that you prefer you will find some options are more beneficial to that type of character. The choices available at character creation are many.

All I got time for, see you in part 4. If there is one......

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