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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

ArcanaPunk for Index card RPG

I'm toying with the idea of a setting for Index card RPG. Inspired buy my favorite Cyberpunk settings including Shadowrun. A mix of fantastic Transhumanism as well as magical spell slinging.

The first thing to consider is how magic and machine do not matter how perfect a synthetic body is, it can't be a conduit for magic. To cast magic, you must be in a meat suit.

The classes available from Alfheim will be Guardian, shadow, priest and Mage.
The classes from Warp shell will be Ronin, Ghost, and Gunner.

Magic will work on a Spell burn mechanic like on page 69 of the core book, and a push mechanic. Using a d4 to track. But instead of rolling when spell burn hits 4 spell burn a mage can use a recovery action to move the counter down a level.  every spell cast in an encounter moves the spell burn counter up one.

Mages can push spells adding a d4 of effort to a spell per level of push. Each level of push moves the spell burn die up another step. At a maximum of 4 on the burn die. When the burn die is at maximum the character is burned out and can't cast any spells for the rest of the encounter as long as the burn die is at max. Only way to lower the spell burn level is a recovery action.

Implement and fetishes.
Mages use implements while casting, a mage implement is a wand or rod. If a wizards casts a spell without an implement its always at hard (-3).
Fetishes, these hand crafted (loot) items are linked to an individual spell. Mages must have the fetish associated with the correct spell in hand to push a spell more than once on a single casting.

Counter magic in Arcanapunk works just like the core rules, but instead of having it's own timer die it moves the spell burn counter up one.

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