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Monday, September 1, 2014

Some blades:

Sword of the Valiant

Five were forged for the knights of Loradin. These were the chosen of Loraun. The first paladins. They accompanied the paladins to the bowls of the black rift, Drew the blood of dark gods and ended the blight upon the land. But were never to return. In game terms these swords are holy avengers. They have no power in the hands of non-paladins. What brave souls would adventure into the depths of such a dark place to retrieve these powerful blades.

The Dragon blood swords of Athenian.
This blade was forged and tempered using the blood of a very old red dragon. It was carried by the legendary high martial Athenian in his campaign to take the highlands from the barbarian horde. It was said he subdued the great drake. Had the blade forged and plunged the still red hot sword into the dragons heart. As the legend goes, after taking the north and subduing the horde. The north was scoured to find an equally old white dragon. A sister sword was forged from the great white dragon. When the Horde returned two years later the swords were lost. Some say the barbarian king has them now. Others believe some survivor of the high martial army escaped with them.  This sword is a fiery sword and its sister sword is a frost weapon. Finding the true resting place of these great blades would be an adventure in and of its self.

Sleshall's Pact blade.
 Sleshall was a Tiefling warlock who through a twist of fate became the defender of a small village from a gange of bandits. Sleshall was killed during the battle but the bandits were all killed or turned away. The blade now sits in the town hall, it is has become a symbol of unity and strength to the people of the village. While this pact blade is not outwardly remarkable it has become a symbol to any one from the area. One day the simple town may become a city. And the blade a symbol of office. Or offered to a party of adventures for defending the village the next time bandits are in the area.

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