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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

GM Intrusions in Savage Worlds

I've been running some The Strange and find one of the mechanics called a "GM Intrusion".

A GM intrusion is an action taken by the GM to spin the narrative in a different direction. Often bending or breaking the normal flow or order of things.

Example intrusions can be a sudden ambush, a villain/monster acting out of turn, even end or extend the duration of an effect. Most times they twist the narrative to make conditions worse for a player. That player is considered the target.

In The Strange and Numenera the player who is the target or most effected is offered XP to take the intrusion and allow it. If he accepts than the intrusion happens and the player gains the XP. But the player can deny the intrusion by paying one XP of their own.

Intrusions are often described as "Something that the GM was probably going to do anyway".

This seems like it could be a cool mechanic for Savage Worlds as well, using bennies in the place of XP.

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