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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Sword of winter

This 2-hand great sword was was forged for the king of the east. Specially forged as a giant slayer (+2). It was plunged into the heart of Araud the Frost giant king, taking his last breath. After which it gained a strange aura of cold, always coated in a thin layer of ice. At any time the sword is drawn in temperature above freezing steam looks as if its rolling off the blade. damage done by the blade is considered cold for purposes of vulnerabilities and resistances.

Mace of the wraith born.

 It is said that this mace was brought to the middle lands by Orun the Ice blood, from beyond the western sea in his raids on the middle lands. It was said that he could instill fear in all with in sight of him on the field of battle, that Orun captured a tomb wraith and bound it to the mace so that he could use its power and take on its shape.

+2 Mace of Terror: On command (Once per day) this mace makes the users take on the appearance of (Illusion) dark horror. All living creatures with in 30' must make a Wis save or be panicked (as fear spell).

Ring of Angelic Might (Minor Artifact)

The ring of Angelic might was forged for the Brother Captain Macus of the brotherhood of the shield and thorn. To call upon the ring the wearer must be either a Paladin or a Cleric, and be of good alignment.

Once per week the ring can be called upon to grant the user Angelic might.

When called wings (6' max span) grow from the users back and stay until dismissed, but never longer than an hour, Granting flight (speed 40). For the duration add +2 (might) to the damage of all melee attacks, treat this bonus as an additional strength bonus.

Sword of Truedeath

This sword was forged for the great hero Azreul. It is said that he summoned and killed an aspect of death himself, Taking its scythe and having it forged into this blade. It is said Azreul Slew over 1000 undead on his way to the lair of the lich who corrupted and ravaged his land. The long blade of the sword has a faint trace of smoke that rises from the blade as its swung.

The sword of truedeath is a +2 undead bane sword. (+1 to all other targets). In the presence of a lich it becomes a +4 undead bane sword.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lethality in 5E D&D

I see a lot of comments from people all over the net than have a hard time excepting the (out of combat) healing rules from 5E. The idea of spending hit die during a rest and other mechanics seem to be a common knee-jerk to house rule. I wrote a little about how even more so in 5E that HP is more a measure of endurance than truly wound points in my first 5E post.

When we first got rolling I didn't like the healing rules much, at least not on paper. I decided to run as written and change later if I didn't like it. The lethality of 5E at low level is staggering.

First ambush the ranger went to two HP, and the druid went to 3 first time he was hit. Next encounter almost the same thing happened. By the third encounter they had to rest 3 times and had to stabilize two different characters.

When a single goblin gets +4 to hit and 1d6+2dmg he can one or two shot the average player (at first or second level) on lucky rolls. Monsters seem to be made like characters are, with proficiency bonuses and ability scores that matter. And they have a LOT more HP that previously.

So much of the new edition is geared to faster combat and quick encounters that it just seems backwards to slow the game down or almost guarantee character death just to make the game "more realistic". Seems the only way to not is make the game VERY reliant on magical healing. Just my opinion.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mini-Six, D6, And Breachworld.

In the past I did a review and some write ups for the Mini-Six RPG. A light fast running RPG based on the amazing D6 system (OpenD6) put out (free) by Anti-paladin games. Recently I came across the info about a new game called Breachworld being developed by Jason Richards for the Mini-Six system. Here is some of the info I found out about it:

"What is Breachworld?

                                                                                                                                                                 A A post-apocalyptic, open-world, kitchen-sink, sandbox RPG, powered by Mini Six.

Breachworld, a variation on the OpenD6 ruleset made available to publishers by Open Game License (OGL). The rules incorporate familiar D6 mechanics that we all remember from various West End Games products, but a bit streamlined. Roll against situational difficulties set by the Game Master and root for that exploding “wild die” to come up a 6 time and time again! With one core mechanic, play is fast and intuitive, and easy to learn."- from

This looks like a game I have been waiting to come along, Its got my name all over it. I really love the Mini-Six system and these kind of crazy techno fantasy anything can come through a breach and bite your face off kind of setting.

Next thing I found out about the setting was a Kickstarter for it that I missed out on, But after stumbling across the Breachworld G+ community and asking about the product. I was informed by Mr. Richards that he was running a preorder of sorts and allowing people to back the project even now after the KS has ended. This is directly from

"The Kickstarter may have ended, but your opportunity to support has not!"

"Just because the Kickstarter is over doesn’t mean that your opportunity to support the project has passed you by. If you would like to increase your pledge, or if you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign and want to help make the Breachworld RPG a reality, we can do that.
Simply fill out the form below to contact Jason Richards Publishing to discuss how you would like to support the project. Select from the list of recommended support levels, or create your own and drop us a line to confirm. We’ll then set up the transaction on an individual basis."

I'm going to go back it, I really want to see the d6 system live on and this looks like a great setting for it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

D&D 5E, Session 8, Impressions.

After spending a full session allowing players to add or change things from the basic set of rules over to the players handbook options my group looks slightly different but mostly the same.

I know have a Circle of the moon Druid, a Wild magic Sorcerer, a Hunter Ranger, A Fay packed Warlock, And an Arcane trickster Rogue. Its quite a mix.

Our 8th session ended with every one hitting level 4, every one took a feat but the Ranger and the warlock. The ranger is a human and already had sharpshooter but wanted the +1 to Dex. The warlock chose the +1 to Charisma since it took her from 17 to 18 gaining a step in ability bonus.

Everyone is really having fun, The system has become second nature and the players are really running things on a mechanical level, Sure they look at me on attack rolls and saves to see if they are successful. But most other rolls they just know what to roll and do it with very little input from me. Which is awesome for me, I don't feel like I'm having to worry about mechanics while trying to forward the story.

Another thing that jumped into my brain last session was the lack of magical items. I've given out or offered up none of them. I think back in the first game I gave out a few healing potions which all got used up in the first encounter. No magical weapons or armor....and nobody has really noticed. I really want the first magical Items to be something special, not so much powerful, Just don't want them common place.

Now that I have had even more time to ponder the inner working of 5E I think I like it even more  than my first thought. One thing that has really jumped out at me is the total lack of reasons to multiclass. Seems to me (just my opinion) that with the right combination of class, subclass, background, and feats you should be able to build about whatever you want. It seems to me multi classing will slow progression down too much for the small advantage you might receive from doing it.

Also the DIY community for 5E has been awesome. So many talented people making home baked resources and character options. I thought I might share a few here:

Undead Slayer Ranger Subclass
Blood Magic Sorcerous Origins
True Mutant Race
Unusual races
Psychic warrior Monk Subclass
Quick character generator and rules reminder
Some badass character options, Including Zen Archery for monks!
And last but not least,
An amazing hand drawn old school character sheet...

On my G+ feed I try to share a lot of the great recources that I see, So stop by and mill around when you got time. +Gaming Ronin .

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cloak of Aluniann

This cloak was said to be worn by the ranger Aluniann in her tireless vigil over the northern boarder of the middle lands. It was said that Aluniann could remove the cloak and it would fight by her side. The Cloak was said to be able to shift colors slightly to better conceal the wearer.
+2 stealth to Conceal and Hide checks when holding totally still. Disadvantage to all spot checks to see the wearer moving through light or medium cover.

If the cloak is removed (once per day) during combat it becomes a cloaker and will fight in the defense of its owner. Returning to a regular cloak at the touch of its owner.

Initiative in Index card RPG.

I've had some time to think about some of the workings of ICRPG. Being a tinkerer at heart I can't help but want to come up with mat...