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Monday, December 6, 2010

Epic 6, How it applies to C&C for me.

I can really relate to the authors of Epic six. It really is hard to make a game gritty or epic when players can one day face a dragon solo and toe to toe.

In this article I looked at what E6 was. Since then I have read a lot of blogs and how other people have applied the idea to a great many games. From older editions of D&D to retro clones.

I find the idea of limiting advancement a great fit for the type of game I like to play, Gritty and epic all at the same time. After all if a player can never get to level 30 and rival a dragon in "hit points" and "to hit bonus" then he better get out there and find the armor and the sword that will help him and his party take down such a great menace. With limited advancement dragons will always be epic monsters.

Now I'm not saying players would still not be able to progress in other ways. I just like limiting: "to hit" bonus, Hit points, and spell progression. Basically I just want to limit how powerful the players can become by just attaining experience. I'm not against players gaining skills beyond max level or even talents (feats).

I'm pretty set on the idea of players stopping progression in C&C at level 10. Seems a good place to declare some one an epic hero.

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