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Friday, January 10, 2014

Savaged Ronin

Back when I first moved back to Washington state I came across Savage worlds. I was so smitten with this fast and fun system I ran nothing but Savage worlds for the next 3 years.
Living next door and two doors down from my players (both my brothers). And out excitement about being reunited we played a lot. Some times up to 3-4  times a week for at least few hours after work.
Needless to say we played a lot of Savage worlds. And after playing nothing but for three years I got very burned out. I sold all my books and walked away. Even still if any one asked for a fun & fast game system I would recomend Savage worlds.
I started this blog shortly after. In the last few games my players have dropped hints that they liked many elements of Savage worlds. So putting it to a vote, Savage worlds is back. I have no plans to running Savage worlds so exclusive that I get burned out as I did before.
Its great to see so many licensees for the system. So many great games out now using the system.
Flipping through a few PEG books I am reminded of something I very much dislike. Plot point campaigns included in main books.
While I don't mind buying an adventure from time to time to mine for ideas. I hate the idea of being forced to buy full color glossy hard bound adventures. That some (like Rippers) not just add a meta plot, they destroy or change the setting. I have noticed a lot of licensees don't add plot points to their main books. Making them more my taste than PEGs own books.

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