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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mini review: Cross planes material for 5E D&D

I have been a long time follower of the cross planes blog and the plethora of work done by Mr. Mark craddock. His ability to grasp so many systems and make some of the most fun conversions always impresses me. I was glad to see he has made a few entries into the Dungeon master's guild.

These 5E character offerings are:
Dahmpires (race)
Goff (race)
Monster hunter (class)
The celestrial (warlock patron)
Mind mage (sorcerous Origin)
Tesseract (martial archetype)
Way of the Telekinetic (monk tradition)

Deities and Domains volumes 1&2, specialty priests of the forgotten realms (feats)

PDF's available here

I really enjoyed reading through them all, my favorite is the Dahmpire, but then I was pretty sure I would like that one.

The Giff, looks fun and different. Not often you hear of a hippopotami player race.

The monster hunter is perfect for my needs, will fit into my Ravenloft campaign nicely.

The celestial is now my favorite warlock patron, first time I ever thought a paladin warlock duel class could make sense to me.

I love that the mind mage, Tesseract, and Telekinetic are all psionis based characters, yet all three are distinct but feel very much part of the same psionic force. Each harnesess their power to their own abilities.

Though the two I think I will find the most useful are the Dieties and domains. Especially when using the sword coast's adventure guide. Nice to have the priests of the Faerünian pantheon laid out in usable feats. Or as I will, mine them for my own setting.

I look forward to seeing more from this very prolific author.

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