Friday, December 12, 2014

Logan Mathews pregen/Npc Savage Worlds

Logan Mathews was once a wanted man. Many tall tales surround him, he either denies or downplays them all. Doing a few jobs for a federal judge bought Logan a clean slate.
Logan is now a deputy, and right hand man of sheriff Josiah Granger of the town of wormwood.
Agi:d8, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d6, Vig:d6.
Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 5, Charisma 0.
Fighting, stealth, d4.
taunt, tracking, d6.
Gambling, riding, shooting, d8.
Enemy (mi) during Logans time as an outlaw and a lawman he has made a number of enemies.
Code of honor (ma) Logan was raised right. No lyin, cheatin, or stealin.
Logan is never without his custom pair of Colt lightning pistols.

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