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Friday, January 10, 2014

(mini) Review: Gaslight (Savage worlds Edition)

Gaslight Victorian Fantasy 2nd Edition (Savage Worlds Edition)

Written by Stephen Miller and Johnathan Thompson and published by Battle field press. Available in PDF and POD on Rpgnow. Coming in at only 80 pages it sure packs a ton of content in those 80 pages.

From the back of the book:
"In Gaslight you will find:
  • A history of Gaslight Earth
  • Five races specific to the setting, including one new one.
  • A host of new general and race-specific edges
  • A Target-Number based Wealth system
  • Rules for Social Standing
  • Weapons and equipment from the Victorian era
  • A Reliquary containing a few artifacts from the history of the Earth of Gaslight.
  • A detailed Gazetteer and Timeline"
Any one who knows me knows I love Victorian era mystery and horror. What stands out to me in Gaslight is its information on secret societies and hidden places. Every page gives me ideas for games I would like to run. Again for its size, this product is full of campaign starters. From secret societies pulling strings behind the scenes, to creatures of the night walking the streets of London. Magic, Monsters and Dark agendas. Its everything I could ask for in a Victorian era source book.

As a side note. This would make a great supplement to PEG's very own Rippers setting. Which I love. Take Rippers games well beyond the Rippers world. Gaslight has a (in my opinion) better social standings rules than Rippers does.

If your a Victorian era fan as I am, I don't think you can go wrong with Gaslight.

Review: Daring Tales of the Sprawl Compendium One

(Disclaimer: As with my other mini reviews, I'm a huge fanboy of the product. So this may be more of an opinionated  overview than a true review)

After picking up Savage worlds Deluxe my first Savage worlds purchase was Daring tales of the sprawl: compendium. By kevin Anderson and published by Triple ace games.

The first 18 pages of this product is setting rules for running cyberpunk games. The rules are a very good example of a fun, fast, furious adaption of a cyberpunk setting. These rules can also be found as a free download on the triple ace website.

The rest of the compendium is 5  cyberpunk adventures. I dont want to give any of it away, but I have to say these are some very good adventures. While being text book they are by no means boring or cheesy.
With info on corperations and the cyberpunk world sprinkled through out the adventures they paint a pretty vivid picture of cyberpunk as a setting.

The adventures are avalible individually as well as this compendium. From triple ace games and

Savaged Ronin

Back when I first moved back to Washington state I came across Savage worlds. I was so smitten with this fast and fun system I ran nothing but Savage worlds for the next 3 years.
Living next door and two doors down from my players (both my brothers). And out excitement about being reunited we played a lot. Some times up to 3-4  times a week for at least few hours after work.
Needless to say we played a lot of Savage worlds. And after playing nothing but for three years I got very burned out. I sold all my books and walked away. Even still if any one asked for a fun & fast game system I would recomend Savage worlds.
I started this blog shortly after. In the last few games my players have dropped hints that they liked many elements of Savage worlds. So putting it to a vote, Savage worlds is back. I have no plans to running Savage worlds so exclusive that I get burned out as I did before.
Its great to see so many licensees for the system. So many great games out now using the system.
Flipping through a few PEG books I am reminded of something I very much dislike. Plot point campaigns included in main books.
While I don't mind buying an adventure from time to time to mine for ideas. I hate the idea of being forced to buy full color glossy hard bound adventures. That some (like Rippers) not just add a meta plot, they destroy or change the setting. I have noticed a lot of licensees don't add plot points to their main books. Making them more my taste than PEGs own books.

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