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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Shadow (Cypher System)

Stealthy Spinner who wields two weapons.

Speed:14 Edge:1

Intellect:11 Edge:1


Lies and trickery

Practiced in light+med weapons

Enthrall (1 Intellect)
Sleight of Hand (1 speed)
Tier 1: Wields two pearl handled pistols (light weapons)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dark Journey DA1 (mini review)

Dark Journey DA1 is your classic dungeon crawl. For 3-5 characters that are levels 1-4. By classic I mean it's exactly what you want in a dungeon crawl.

The hook or premise of the adventure is that the dungeon was once home to a powerful wizard who has long since gone on a great journey.  It is now populated with all kinds of humanoids and creatures.

The maps are excellently layed out and populated. Descriptions are plentiful and clorful. The inhabitants are classic monsters; orcs, goblins, skeletons, and others. In true C&C style stat blocks are simple and basic. 

If your looking for an old school dungeon crawl I don't think they get much better than Dark Journey. 

l've even used parts of this adventure as temples and ruins dedicated to ancient gods for my Amazing Adventures game.

DA1 could easily be used with any number of retro or classic D&D editions. Also looking over the adventure I see nothing that would not fit necely in D&D 5E with absolutely no effort. 

Dwarven Slayer (Cypher system)

PreGen for upcoming fantasy one shot.

Stallen IronWill 
Dwarf Slayer
Dwarven(Tough) Slayer(Glaive) who Masters weaponry.
Might:14 Edge:1
Speed:12 Edge:1

Practiced in armor
Practiced in all weapons
Resilient: +1 armor
Healthy: +1 recovery

Masters weaponry: +1 damage to all axes.

Might defense

Bash(1 might)
Trained without armor (speed)

ChromeThunder 454-30 (Cypher system)

I liked the Savage Worlds version so much I thought I might try a Cypher system version.
454 heavy weapon, $3,500
Ignores 2 points of armor.

30mm Grenade
Explosive; medium damage, short range of target.
Shot Shell; medium damage, short range from shooter. 

Forefathers Thunder Strike hammer (Cypher system)

An example magic weapon for a fantasy one shot I plan to run (high magic/Horror) with the Cypher system. Thought I would share some of my notes.

Carried by the most veteran wardens of the Dwarven kingdom of Thannar. The core of each hammer has a piece of thunder stone in it. Legend tells that when the wardens would wade into combat the cracks of thunder could be heard for miles around.

Medium weapon, Priceless.
Thundering strike (1 Might): 
Heavy weapon, knocks target back.

Undead Bane sword of the Black Templars (Cypher System)

This is just an example magic sword for a fantasy one shot I plan to run (low magic/Horror) with the Cypher system. Thought I would share some of my notes.

These swords were crafted for the knight of the black temple, during the third age. In those days the Black temple knights were charged with defense against all things dead or un-living. With the destruction of the city of Or and ransacking of the armory and Librium there is no account of what has become of these swords. Its believed that the dark lords destroyed or locked away all that remains of these powerful un-dead banes.

Medium Weapon, Priceless, 
Counts as an asset in attacks against undead, 
+1 damage against undead (5 damage)

Initiative in Index card RPG.

I've had some time to think about some of the workings of ICRPG. Being a tinkerer at heart I can't help but want to come up with mat...