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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pathfinder And C&C

While I gave 4E a chance and decided it was not for me. Once again I think its a good game. Just more complex than my current tastes in games. I really never gave pathfinder a fair shake. I got the Playtests. Alpha, The two betas,  And eventually the PDF of the main book when it came out.

What I didn't do was look at how the game could be used, Besides whole cloth. With 4E I really feel you can choose what you want to include like which classes or races but its kind of tough to not use big parts of the games.Or at least that is my opinion.

After really giving C&C a try I see how 3E can be changed to be a simpler more customized version of the game. Even so much to emulate older editions of the game.I posted Some optional rules about adding feats as "talents", back to the game. But just a few. Since feat bloat and abuse was something I didn't like about 3E.
Sunsword posted a reply to one of my posts that really got me thinking.

Sunsword said...
  "I keep thinking of running Pathfinder without Feats. IMHO, Pathfinder isn't that different from 2E without Feats. Keep us posted on what you work up. I've also looked at expanding the Save progression from 3.x to replace the SIEGE engine. 2 or 3 Attributes would have Good Saves, depending on Race. The rest would be Poor Saves."

It really got me rereading my pathfinder PDF. I may not want to run pathfinder whole cloth. But what could I use from pathfinder to enhance my C&C game. While I like the SIEGE engine just fine. I really like The three saves from 3E. I've even put some thought into using Saves as target number like in 4E. More to come.

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