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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Create Fetish, Arcanist only (Generic class ability) for AA

Create Fetish is part arcane knowledge and part crafting skill. It is the ability to craft a physical objects that is tied to a specific spell that focuses power from the spells source.

Arcanists especially those of the Wisdom and Charisma persuasion (but could be used for Int based as well) often must appease, satisfy, bargain with spirits and other world powers. Crafting a Fetish, which could be a holy symbol, object dedicated to a demon, or element is a sort of ritual. First an arcane knowledge roll must be made to know what Fetish will be appropriate. Correct items must be assembled and crafted into the fetish. The Fetish must be held by the Arcanist for 24 hours to bond with the Fetish. Or for a quick bond it must be held for at least 4 hours, then held is the casters hand while the spell is cast. If the Arcanist is ever with out or seperated from his fetish for more than 4 hours the Fetish becomes inert base materials.

The Fetish is tied to a specific spell. Holding a fetish while casting the corresponding spell makes that spell easier, safer or to greater effect.

For every level of the Arcanist with Create Fetish he can create a single +1 fetish. The +1 is added to spell casting rolls, +1 to the effect (damage or other efect die rolls). Or +1 spell protection (making a specific spell harder to caste on you). Total level of bonuses are limited to 3 for any one Fetish.

For example a 5th level Arcanist (shaman) could have up to 5 lvs in Fetishes. (yes I know he could not have all these spells, its just an example.)
First Fetish, A stick man with Rubie eyes and straw hair. vine wrapped wrapped around its body. Tied to Snare,+1 cast, +1 effect (in this care raises snares AC by 1 to 8).
Second Fetish, A necklace with a ruby in it, inscribed with arcane mark for flame. Tied to flame strike. +1 cast, +1 protection (casting this spell on the wearer adds a +1 to difficulty).
Third fetish, A bracelet of small shields, Each shield inscribed with a different elemental rune mark. Tied to shield. +1 cast.

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