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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Red hand (Savage Worlds)

Criminal Organization I created for my Savage Bullets RPG. Could just as easily be used for any street level supers or cyberpunk settings as well.

The Red Hand is a criminal organization with it's roots in the Japanese yakuza. The Red Hand's overall motives are a mystery. At its lower echelons its all about territory and making money. Unlike some other criminal organizations, the red hand believe in respect, honor, and personal responsibility. Following their yakuza roots they often see themselves as protectors of those that live within their territory. One of the few instances that "protection money" really will gain you some protection.

The lowest level (mooks) of the red hand are gangsters. They come in three flavors. The "suits", "the gogo gangers", and the "rabble".

The suits are the ones who show up to politely persuade you to pay "your fair share" to the community.

Suits: all attributes d6.
Fighting, shooting, street d6.
Pace: 5, Parry: 5, Tough: 5.
Pistol 2d6-1
Go go: all attributes d6, agility d8.
Fighting, shooting, street, drive d6.
Pace: 5, Parry: 5, Tough: 6.
SMG 2d6, leather jacket, motorcycle.
Rabble: all attributes d6, smarts d4.
Fighting, shooting, street d6
Pace:5, Parry: 5, Tough: 5.

Leading a group (5-15) of  these mooks is an Oyabun or Boss. Multiple bosses of a city or region meet monthly to discuss business.
Oyaban of each group has the same stats as the mooks but is a Wild card and has a D8 shooting and fighting, and intimidation of d6.

Higher ranks above Oyaban are myth and rumor, its beloved that regional bosses have many Oyaban under their command. It's also rumored that the big bosses have a shadowy organization at their disposal, the shadow hand. No one but the big bosses know if these assassins and infiltrators are real, or just a boogy man used to keep mooks and enemies in line.

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