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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dorina Gray Npc/pregen Savage Worlds

Dorina Gray can see dead people, worse yet, they can see her right back. Dorina's mother was a founder of the white coven, the protectors against malevolent magics. Her father was a sorcerer of the dark arts who turned to the light. You could say Magik is in Dorina's blood. As a child dark forces tried to claim her, taking the life of both her parents. Dorina now works as an occult investigator and hunter, hoping one day to find her parents killer.
Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d4, Sp:d8, Vig:d6. Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 5, Charisma 0.
Fighting, stealth, d4.
Notice, Investigator, shooting, d6.
knowledge Ritual, knowledge creatures of the night d8.
weirdness magnet, If something weird is going to happen, it will happen to you. And something weird always happens.
Arcane Background.

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