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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Black shield detectives (Cypher system)

Being law enforcement in a mega city is a hard job. Being a black shield is the hardest job. Black shield detectives are judge and jury. If your a beat cop and a black shield is on their way to back you up, you know your going to be ok. If your a criminal the last thing you want to see is a black shield officer. (Could very well be the last thing you see)

Black shields are licensed to keep the peace, investigate crimes, punish the guilty. 

As an NPC:

Level:8  Health:18. Attack:Medium Armor:3 speed: slow bike:fast  officers cypher pack. 

As a player:

Most Black shields will be vectors or spinners. With a rare few being paradox as members of the Psi division. 

All carry a medium service pistol. But are allowed custom equipment as needed.

All are issued a set of Justifier body armor (armor 3) with multi spectrum visor and air purifier filter.

All are issued a special issue enforcer cycle (armor 6, speed fast).

All are issued an officers pack: stimpack regen injector (4) shock grenades (4) flash grenades (4) insta-hack entry device.

The metro gangs (Cypher system)

Life at street level in any mega city is hard, fast, and cheap.

Gang violence is rampant in the lower levels. Most metro gangs see themselves as protectors of their quadrant. Sometimes there is a fee for that protection. those that don't have other sources of income. Drug running, thugs for hire, and theft are all popular with metro gangs.

Level: 5

Health: 8

Attack: spray and pray:light

Speedster: level 8 to hit while moving at top speed.

"The Others" (Cypher system)

Not everyone who caught the Z-plague became zombies. Some became...something else.

Level: 8


Attack: medium (claws)


Round after a successful claw the others can make a bite attack. On a successful attack they gain 1d6+2 health back.

Direct sunlight is distracting and painfully uncomfortable. Level 5 when in direct UV rays, natural or artificial. 

Wasteland gangers (Cypher system)

These are very hardy folks. With them the saying holds true "that which doesn't kill me will only make me stronger"

Wastlanders are often those who cannot conform to society of the Mega-cities. They either left it, chased from it, or expelled from it by force.

Those banished are often marked or brain chipped as to never be allowed in society again.

Surviving the wastes is rarely a solo endeavour. Some wastlanders cling to towns or cities of the waste, finding security in numbers. Others roam the land in gangs preying on those weaker than they.

Armor: 0-2 depending
junker built firearms: medium weapon.

Scrapper: level 6 vs Melee attacks.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Authorized Corporate Bounty hunter (Cypher system)

These headhunters are legal to enter all zones in pursuit of their prey. Authorized and licensed by all corporate and federal courts.

Headhunters carry all manner of gear, gadgets, and weapons while tracking their target.

Level (5)
Speed defense: Level 6 to hit with ranged weapons.

Night vision
Thermal shielding
Weather resistance
Law enforcement power
System ID exampt.
Carries (4) random gadget cyphers.

Carries at least (2) of the following:
Supermag pistol: Rng:short Dmg:heavy
Service pistol: Rng:med Dmg:medium
Service SMG: Rng:med Dmg:medium double tap
Hardball shotgun: Rng:long Dmg:light at long, med at close, Heavy at point blank.
Sniper rifle: Rng:extensive Dmg:heavy. Cannot snap shoop. -1 unless aimed.

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