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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Min-Six Lethality.

I really love the set defenses in Mini-Six. It really speeds up play and keeps the fun rolling. Some people like a bit more detail in combat. The difference between a punch doing 4D of damage and a gun doing 4D really needs to be extremely different in some settings. Especially in a gritty setting.

My Idea is to separate Soak from armor. A weapon like a bat does what I'll call stun damage. And a gun does what we'll call deadly damage. Soak is now only used against stun damage. To show stun damage on wound levels just put a slash [ \ ] in the box. Keep track of it just like any other wounds. If you reach incapacitated, your character is knocked out. If the characters have every box on the wound track has a stun slash in it start back at the top and make the slash into an X in the box [X]. An X in the box is how you track deadly damage from guns of other lethal weapons.

Since armor is now separate from soak. Armor needs to have new values assigned to it. Armor value is used to calculate wounds from deadly damage like soak is used with stun damage.

Some Armor value examples.
Leather jacket   3
Leather armor   6
Chain, Scale     8
Plate armor     12

Bullet proof
Vest                10
Battle armor    12

recon armor    12
heavy armor    14
power armor   16

I have not tested these values yet for armor. I just took weapons damage into account. And what a good soak value would have added to each armor with an average value.

Traits in Mini-Six (Advantages and disadvantages)

While I really like how D6 space, D6 adventure, and D6 Fantasy handle advantages I like how the "D6 system" book handled them better. It assigns between 1D to 3D (although could be higher). The cost or price of the advantage or disadvantage is in skill points. So a 2D in a disadvantage gives you 2D in skill poimts to spend.

The reason I like this is I could use those die as a modifier. If a character had -2D of poor eye sight I could use that as a modifier to hit roll medium range or further. Loos two die from your die pool.

While I live the base system the AntiPaladin games has put together I see a lot of room to expand. Call them Advantages, Disadvantages or Feats. I'm just going to call them Traits.

I like the Idea of traits because they could be good traits or bad traits.

Example good traits:
Iron will
Noble birth
Good memory
Sixth sense

Example of Bad traits:
Low birth
Poor memory
Wanted man
fear of ________

Another  reason I like the Idea of traits being a blanket term for both good and bad is because some traits could be used for both. For example Wealth could be used either way. A -2D wealth is poor, while +2D is wealthy. Another example of this could be reputation or Sanity. Sanity could go positive or negative. Especial in games involving some old gods.

In the "D6 system" book traits are kept to whole die numbers. 1D, 2D, 3D ect. But I don't see any reason pips could not be used as well. For example if a character had a Sanity of 3D. And slowly started going mad the GM could take away a single pip from sanity game by game. Or a player with a bad reputation with a group could slowly work it off. Every good dealing with the group his bad rep is raised a single pip.

What are common referred to as feats could also become traits. For example in your game you could have a trait called "quick reflexes" which if takes adds to initiative rolls. Or a trait on "kung fu", every die of "kung fu" the player can split the die between fighting skill and parry defence in hand to hand combat.

Another use of traits is racial traits. Like elves having night vision. If an elf had 2D night vision he could use those die to offset penalties for poor or no lights. A dwarf with magic resistance of 2D could use the die to resist magic effects. Or add the die (diex3) to his soak for magical attacks.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My thoughts on the d6 system

For one the d6 system holds fond memories for me from the starwars RPG. Although the d6 starwars has been out of print for some time now its still got a very loyal following. Its rather light for a system that can do so much.
I think in its early incarnation in the starwars system most people would call it an old school system. Maybe not 70s D&D old school, But still a pillar system that a lot of our hobby stands on.

And now its OGL. Thank Eric Gibson for that. No matter how you about his and west end games rocky history he has given our hobby a great gift. Thank you Eric Gibson!

And Thank you AntiPaladin games. They took the basics of the d6 system and made it into a little fast and easy to play game game.

I think for a little bit I'm going to concentrate on some d6 content. So stay tuned for more on d6.

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