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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elven Armor (mastercraft-magic) 5E

I really want a range of armor and items for my campaign world that are Masterworked with just a touch of magic. Nothing so common as to litter the world with the dreaded +1 long sword factory. Not so great that it could be so powerful as a +1 to any aspect of combat.

Among the demihuman races of the middle lands there are craftsmen of renown. As they work they can't help but imbue some of their own magical nature into every hammer blow.

True Elven armor is mastercraft armor. All elven armor is imbued with some measure of magic. But even a spark of magic is still magic. All Elven armor is rare to find for sale as it is not so common to be found in markets. If it was to be found for sale it would easily cost 4-6x the normal cost of armor of the same type.

Light Elven Armor (leather & Studded leather armor only) weights 1/2 that of other light armors. +1 to all Dexterity based saves while wearing it.

Medium Elven Armor (Chain, Scale, Breast plate only) Weights 1/2 that of other medium armors. Dex modifier (max 3).

Heavy Elven Armor (Ring, Chain, Splint only) Weights 1/2 that of other heavy armors. Strength requirement two lower to wear.

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