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Thursday, August 11, 2011

ICONS: Agents of Eagle. Part 2.

In my last post here. I posted about this setting I was working on. I thought I would start with character creation. Since I don't want to pigeon hold anyone into playing a cookie cutter character I thought I would just spell out basic archetypes and gear used by agents. And let the players use it as a loose guide.
Agents of Eagle

Eagle is clandestine government agency that deals with things that go bump in the night. The true men in black. The agency has no history, Since it does not exist on paper at all there is no history passed on to new agents. All that is know is that the agency has been around since the 30s. A lot of older cases have influence over work currently being done.

Types of agents.
Command: These agents are leaders. Often experienced (older) agents with well rounded arsenal of skills. Command agents need to have some charisma and social skills. Need to excel in leadership and have at some skills in combat, Tech, and athletics.
Techi: These agents are either computer wizards or grease monkeys. Some are a little of both. Usually young and a bit less experienced than other agents. While the socially awkward nerd is a terrible stereotype. Its also more often than not true.
Field Agents: These agents are the go to guys. They are the most common type of agent in any unit. Often excelling in one area or another, they are more often than not very versatile agents. From high charisma face man to experienced wheel-man. These agents are usually recruited from law enforcement, private investigation, and corporate security outfits.
Tactical: These agents are the hitters. Recruited from elite law enforcement and elite military forces like Swat and navy seals. These agents are always experienced with all kinds of weapons. From hand to hand combat,
firearms, and even melee weapons.

Weapons of the trade:
Agents of eagle are issued a 9mm pistol of their choosing. The most common is the Beretta 92. This weapon is an agents standard sidearm. It is for dealing with mundane threats.
Beretta 92 Pistol (Blast 3)
All agents are also issued a small specialized revolver. This revolver resembles a .38 special. The ammo issued for it are very specialized. From silver bullets to rune ammo. After a lot of experimenting it was found that specialized ammo is way more reliable out of these modified revolvers than auto-loads. Also most agents like to mix types of ammo in speed loaders. This allows the agent to quickly spin the cylinder and choose his ammo in seconds.
Tactical Agents are often issued a The Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol) in the place of their side arm. This weapon has the same stats as any other 9mm pistol. But is capable of burst and full auto fire.
Command Agents are allowed to trade out their side arm for a custom sawn-off shotgun.
 Custom sawn-off shotgun (Blast 4, up close)
(Blast 3, Medium range, up to 3 close targets.)
(blast 2 for targets up to long range)
All agents are issued and encouraged to wear light body armor under their suits. This armor is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Its even fitted with packs of ICE cooling gel system that keep the agent cool. The right shoulder of the armor has a built in palm sized computer. The comp runs to a button cam on suit. This video feed is fed to command HQs and to the agents glasses giving the agents night vision and protection against blinding flashes. The mini comp also acts as a communicator between agents and a cell phone.

Combat Armor (Armor 3; Communicator; Night Vision, and Flash protection)
And of course all agents are issued a fitted black suit.
Post 3 coming soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ICONS: Agents of Eagle.

I'm working on a setting for ICONS Rpg. Its a setting that revolves around a shadowy government agency That stands between us and the darkness. Reading about SIGILS (ICONS RPG swords and sorcery) really got me thinking about using ICONS in other settings other than supers. More to come.

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