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Thursday, July 17, 2014

5E Race Dhampir (cursed background)

A dhampir is the child of a vampire and a human.While a Dhampir is mortal, the blood of the cursed surges through its veins.

To play the race of Dhampir you must also choose "The Cursed" as your background.

Ability score increase: +1 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Cha.

Age: Dhampir do not age as mortals do. After reaching adulthood their age slows if not halts all together.

Alignment: while free willed dhamire's often tent toward lawful, as they are bound to the laws of the night.

Size:same as human.

Speed: 30'
Language: can speak and read common and one language of choice.

Vulnerability: Radiant and fire damage do maximum damage to Dhamires.
Light sensitivity: extreme discomfort while in direct sunlight.
Children of the night: When using stealth skill at night Dhampires have Advantage.

The Cursed (Background)

Skill proficiencies: Deception, Stealth. 
Languages: Pick two.
Trinkets: Roll 3 times on the Trinkets table. These are precious mementos from the long life that you have lived. Memories of lost loved ones and emotional anchors to the past. It would be painful to lose even one of these items.

Start with 15gp

1    I hate what I am, and try to prove to others that I am no monster.
2    I accept what I am. Curse or blessing.
3    I I have been chosen, I don't think I'm better, I am better than those around me.
4    Its because of those fowl creatures that I am this way, I will destroy them all.

1   Tradition: The old ways must be upheld. If we don't have our traditions we might as well be animals. (lawful)
2   Redemption: I will do what I can to prove myself worthy of the light. (Good)
3   Freedom: Mortal laws are for mortals, I am beyond them. (Chaotic)
4   Power: I see no reason I should not use what I am to get what I want. (evil)
5   Live and let live: I keep my opinions to myself, I expect others to do the same. (neutral)
6   Knowledge: I will use my gifts and long life to acquire and pass on the experience and knowledge I collect. (any)

1    I don't make friends easily, But when I do I am loyal to the end.
2    Honor is my life. Bonds and vows are taken to the grave.
3    Protecting those around me is how I prove my worth.
4    I understand that we are not bound by our past mistakes. I will look beyond such things in others.

1    I do my best to not let others know what I am. I do everything I can to keep my secrets.
2    Hunters have found out what I am. I gave them the slip and moved on. Its only a matter of time          before the find me again.
3    I don't get close to others, I am different. I cant pretend otherwise.
4    Its hard for me to forgive an insult. Even is I forgive, I don't forget.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Martial Archetype: Paladin (5E)


The Paladin is a fighter who has devoted himself to the will of a god.

Pre-reqs: None, Acolyte background is recommended.

Detect Evil
Paladins can detect evil within 60'. By concentrating for a full action.

Lay on hands
By laying his hands on a friendly target and saying a quick prayer the Paladin can use his second wind to heal that target instead of himself.

Aura of Courage
A paladin can activate an Aura of courage. All allies within 10' of the Paladin gain advantage when rolling to save vs Fear. The Aura lasts till the end of the encounter. Level 1-5 The paladin must have a long rest before using Aura of courage again. Level 6+ The paladin must have a short rest before using Aura of courage again.

Smite Evil
At level 7 a paladin can Smite evil. When making an attack against any target that has been previously been identified as evil using Detect evil the Paladin gains advantage. Smite evil adds a damage bonus equal to the attackers Proficiency bonus. Smite evil can only be used again after a small rest. Level 10+ double proficiency bonus for damage bonus.

Master of Arms
At level 10 the Paladins gains Great weapon fighting or Protection fighting style.

Touch of the Divine
At level 15 the paladin can call on healing from his divine patron. A flash of light centers on the paladin and effects all allies with in 10' of the Paladin. All effected allies roll 1/2 of their current hit die and gains healing equal to the roll. The Paladin must make a long rest before using Touch of the Divine again.

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