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Monday, August 29, 2016

Shotguns for Shadow of the demon lord

Since shotguns don't exist in the official books, I figured I would do them myself.

Shotguns come in both single or double barrel configuration. Single barrel will fire once before needing reloaded. While double barrel can fire twice before reloading, or fire off both barrels in a single action. Both configurations require a turn to reload.

1 barrel. Dmg: 2d6, 2H, Range:M, 8gc, Av:E
2 barrel. Dmg: 2d6, 2H, Range:M, 12gc, Av:E
Misfire, reload, uses shells.

* Shotguns get a boon to hit at short, and bane at long. +1d6 damage at short, -1d6 damage at long.

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