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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Callahan's Arc Rifle

Built by the prolific gadgeteer Arnesto Callahan. Built and designed in his own lab. One of a kind.

Firing the rifle has the same effect as casting Chain Lightning (lv6) effect as if level 8 caster, Cost 4 as it was built be an NPC. The gun has a flaw that Callahan could never quite fix, after being fired twice in an hour the gun gets very hot and must cool before being used. If a third shot made within the hour a vital part burns out. This will take an hour to repair, sucessful jury rig roll, and 1d4-1(minimum 1)x10 dollars in parts.

Devouring blade

This blade was forged for the great thief and assassin Alsheud. The blade is said to consume a small piece of the victims soul, in doing so it becomes a bane towards that target. After a successful Back attack or Sneak attack the blade becomes attuned to that target. Attunment lasts for 12 hrs or until the targets dies. A new attunment can't take place til the first has ended.

Before attunment: +1 hit, 1d4 as a normal dagger. Also against nonattuned targets.

Attuned: against attuned target only, +2 hit, 1d6, 30' Rng.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vambracer of Vampiric Hunger (Cursed Item)

The vambracer of Vampiric hunger.
This cursed item has no legends or oragins known. Its as if its dark will simply wished it's self in to existence. Once placed on ones wrist the vambracer can only be removed by very powerful magics.

Stats: +1AC, +2AC vs Radiant or holy sources.

In use:
Every time the player does damage (rolled a damage die) they are healed 1hp. But any and all healing actually harms instead, equal to the amout of HP that should have been healed, even natural healing. Even natural resting drains life and only drawing blood will heal. 

Grayson's Clockwork bow (Savage Worlds & Amazing Adventures)

Jeremiah Grayson created the bow for one purpose, revenge.

Growing up at the dawn of the industrial revolution Jeremiah came from a long line of jewelers and clock makers. Jeremiah had a unique bond with mechanical devices, in both building and repairing them. He found work outside the family business as a machinist.

One night there was a robbery at the family business. The thieves took merchandise and the lives of Jeremiah's father and sister. Tormented with guilt and grief Jeremiah tracked down the stolen goods.

The thieves were well connected and Jeremiah grew frustrated with law enforcement for not acting on his findings.

Jeremiah withdrew into his worshop. He crafted this bow. It's diminutive size made it concealable in a long coat. Making no more noise than a humming bird. With the bow was crafted eight arrows desined to be used with the bow. The thieves were hunted down one by one.

 When using a normal arrow treat the bow as just a simple or short bow. But when the custom arrows are used use these custom profiles.

Savage Worlds: 10/20/30, 2d6, AP 4, wgt 3, st d4 +2 to all shooting skill rolls.

Amazing Adventures: +3 to hit, 1d8, 60', -6 AC worth of armor (worn armor only).

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