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Thursday, November 25, 2010

C&C multiple attacks. (3E style)

While I'm not a huge fan of how 3E handles multiple attacks. I had some one recently ask me how I would replicate 3Es multiple attack system if I was to use in in my C&C game.

Since my current game in maxing out at level 12, I think I would make the number of attacks based on level rather than bonus to attack. If I remember correctly in 3E once your primary attack bonus reached +6 you got a second attack. And every plus six there after.

For my example I will say at level 6 all classes get a second attack with the same bonus as the did at level one and progressing at the same rate.

A fighter would get a second attack at level 6 at +1. And progress at an additional +1 every level just like his primary attack did. where as a wizard would get a second attack at level 6 at +0. +1 at level 7 and +2 at level 10.

One thing I am still thinking about is would I allow a third attack at level 12? Or should I only allow man at arms classes a third attack? This begs the question. Which classes would count as man at arms? It would be too simple to say those classes the that use physical attributes as prime. But what about knights and paladins?
I could say only non-spell casters get the third attack I guess.

I really like this option, Since I feel at higher levels spell casters way out shine melee classes.

Another answer to the whole thing could be to give Talents (feats) at levels 6 and 12. And create two talents that allows for an additional attack each with a prerequisite of levels 6 and 12 and only able to be taken once each. So a players has the option to not take it if they are not a physical combat character.

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