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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Specialist Cason (Kano) Kowalski, Cortex Prime

Specialist Kowalski requested to join Eco squad. His motivations for doing so are his own and isn't something he wants to talk about. A former member of the federal special intelligence unit, Specialist Kowalski joined military intelligence as part of its lone wolf program where he was paired with his phase tech armor. Very little is known about Specialist Kowalski's past, what is known is that he has a higher security clearance than anyone else in Eco squad, his official record has only one line not classified, "asset redirected".

Physical D6
Social D10
Mental D10

Trained by all the right people you've never heard of.
"You don't have high enough clearance for that information".
Cut like a surgeon, move like a shadow.
"Dont tell me the odds"
D4(+1pp) or D8 

Aim D6
Athletics D10
Dodge D8
Pilot D8
Fighting D10
Notice D8
Bluff D8
Command D6
Cool D12
Knowledge D10

Avenger vibro knife D8
* SFX like a surgeon, keep a second  effects die.
* SFX pinpoint, keep an extra resolution die for this attack.
* SFX can opener, step up two resolution die when attacking scenery.
* Flaw The vibro blades power cell runs out, 1 turn to reload. 1pp
* Flaw lost in a scuffle, Vibro blade is dropped, can only be used after a failed attack. 1pp must be recovered.

Background & Connections  D10
* SFX pull up data, pull up standard and classified data on a person when making a knowledge roll. Keep 1 additional resolution die.
* SFX I know a guy, gain a contact in the local area. For a second pp they owe you one.
* SFX Remember that time in Cairo?, add a second effect die when making a bluff roll.
* Flaw asset burned, you have not contacts in this area, cannot use I know a guy until you change locations. 1pp
* Flaw Cover blown, step back on all bluff rolls until you change locations. 1pp
* Flaw my enemies enemy, when you use I know a guy, his enemies in the area become your enemies. 1pp

Phase Tech  body armor d8
* SFX Stealth mode, step up Athletics die when using armor with Athletics to sneak.
* SFX phasing Camo, forgo movement and add a second effect die to any hide action.
* Flaw the armor takes damage gain 1pp to step back armor die until repaired. (Can be reduced more than once).

Friday, January 5, 2018

Specialist Samantha (eyes) longmire, Cortex Prime

Specialist Longmire, "eyes" to her unit is a recon specialist. Longmire is also a decorated marksman. After her tour with Alpha company where she served with the then Lt. Hawk, she did a few jobs in the private sector. Capt. Hawk called her back to active duty, his first pick when forming his Eco squad. Capt. Hawk is responsible for the nickname eyes, after her forward scout report was questioned for "inaccuracies", at the battle of Baltimore, the then Lt. Hawk stated he trusted Longmire more than he trusted his own eyes.

Physical D6
Social D8
Mental D10

Elite recon specialist
Olympics level marksman right out of school.
"I don't do it for the money".
"The service didn't make me a crack shot, it just made me better at choosing my targets".
D4(+1pp) or D8 

Aim D12
Athletics D8
Dodge D8
Pilot D4
Fighting D6
Notice D12
Bluff D6
Command D6
Cool D6
Knowledge D6

Sanctiforum sniper rifle D8
* SFX Reach out and touch someone, keep 2 effect die instead of one, choose a disability (called shot, story element) to the target.
* SFX adjust my scope, step up the Aim die on its next use (+1 forward to next roll).
*  Rifle jams, this power can't be used til the gun is cleared, spend one action to clear. 1pp

Relay intel D10
* SFX collect and upload data, creates a D6 ongoing asset on a target. Acessable to entire team.
* SFX get eyes on it, step up all notice rolls of the unit. Last until Longmires next turn.
* Flaw Target obstructed, Longmire can't use sniper rifle or Relay Intel until next turn. 2pp: one pp for her, one for another effected team member.

Communication array. D8
* SFX Request support. #
* SFX Request supply drop, all out of ammo or until repair flaws are refreshed. #
* SFX Request hop or extraction. #
* Flaw Communication relays are down. Communication array can't be used til repaired.
# Time to support, drop, extract, is equal to 8 subtract effect die number of rounds minimum 1.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sgt. Sonny (shin) Shinwell, Cortex Prime

Sgt. Shinwell was part of the original Eco squad, before the spear's edge initiative. Shinwell was the lone survivor of the overrun of Chicago during operation Onyx wall. Sarcastically Nicked named "sunshine" by his men, because of his always serious demeanor. Nicknamed Shin when he is within earshot.

Physical D10
Social D6
Mental D8

Not on my watch
"If it's not a double tap, it's a love tap"
"Try not to die, I hate paperwork"
Would sacrifice himself to save his men
D4(+1pp) or D8 

Aim D8
Athletics D8
Dodge D8
Pilot D4
Fighting D10
Notice D8
Bluff D6
Command D8
Cool D12
Knowledge D10

Divine right combat shotgun D10
* SFX full spread, split effect die with a step down to up to two targets close together. Split effect die 3 times with two step downs to up to three targets close together. 
* SFX silver laced slug,  add a second effect die (usable on demons only).
* Flaw Completely out of ammo, must refresh ammo stock to use again. Step up the next use of Dodge skill and gain 1pp.
* Flaw gain malfunctions, this power can't be used til an action is used to repair. 1pp

Inspiration D8
* SFX give pep talk, after using command skill in an action, target character gains 1pp.
* SFX pull yourself together, target gets a step up on cool die to fear resistance roll for the rest of the scene.
* flaw Over confidence, 1pp to another player who agrees, target gets no assets or bonuses for cover and can't make a dodge skill roll on their next turn. 

Access to Intel d8
* SFX know your enemy, make a knowledge roll to create an ongoing D6 weakness asset to attacks against the same target.
* SFX Access maps and area information available to the mainframe.
* Flaw 1pp Bad Intel, gain 1pp, the mainframe was wrong. Maps or area knowledge is wrong, player describes how.

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