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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Savage Worlds RPG, Why I Dig it Part 1.

I think by now most everyone knows I love the Savage Worlds system. The web is full of people singing its praises or blaming it for the downfall of modern society. I'm not trying to sell the system to any one, Just pointing out why I like it. Maybe it will be useful to others, maybe it will not.

Everyone is familiar with Savage Worlds reputation for being Furious, Fast, Fun. Its Savage Worlds tag line and number one sales pitch. But I think there is more to love than just that.

One of the things I think is great about Savage Worlds in also something others have voiced their dislike. Savage Worlds at its heart (Combat system) is a miniatures game. Now before I get torn apart by savage worlds ROLEplay fans, let me disclaimer. No, you don't HAVE to use minis when playing Savage Worlds, they are 100% optional. I ran Savage Worlds for (5 straight) years and never once used miniatures.There is plenty of rules in Savage Worlds that encourages roleplaying and character immersion.

That all being said, Savage worlds combat system is listed in inches. Weapon ranges, movement, & spell ranges all in inches. There is even a set of rules called Showdown with army builder rules to play a strictly miniatures game using Savage worlds. Some settings just beg to be run tactically, Necropolis for example, I want to run a game of Necropolis as a war-gaming campaign.

Its very easy to choose and adjust the part miniatures will play in your game. You could use no miniatures at all, just multiple each inch by two yards. Or use minis just for complicated combats to show general location but otherwise use yards.You can even run all combat tactical taking full advantage of the rules in inches. Or any combination in between.

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