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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Palladium Combat in a nutshell

In my Palladium rules rant post I gave a very simple rundown of combat. I got a few messages about it asking me to expand it to make a resource for new players.

Palladium Combat Cheat Sheet :
I find Palladium armor rules to be simple and elegant. When dealing with SDC armor:
Roll less than 5 you miss. roll less that AR, armor takes the damage to its SDC. Roll over AR, then the character takes the damage. Damage either goes to armor or character SDC, after character SDC is depleted damage goes to hit points. That is all there is to SDC combat.

Natural SDC armor is like worn SDC armor, but simpler. Rolls below 5 are a miss, rolls below its AR hit but do no damage. Rolls above AR do damage to SDC of the character.

Maga Damage is even simpler, all damage from a successful hit roll goes to armor first, only after all MDC is depleted does a character take any damage.
SDC weapons can't hurt MDC  objects. MD weapons do 100 damage per point of damage (x100) rolled to SDC objects.

Targets of an attack (defender) can use an action to make defensive actions. Defensive rolls try to beat the attack roll. Highest wins with defender winning on a tie.

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