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Friday, August 21, 2015

Assassin's blades (5E D&D)

The Assassin's balade is a cestus that looks like a heavy leather glove with three small blades protruding from the nuckles. Fashioned with tips specifically designed to pierce deep into it's target.

Some are designed to leave the blades behind after use. Leaving the blades deep in the wounds.

These blades are crafted by artisans of the Raven house guild of assassins. They are fine crafted and well balanced.

Assassin's blades 1d4 Piercing light, finesse.

+2 to all concealment rolls.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mages Bow, Elven (5E D&D)

This well crafted elven bow acts as a +1 longbow in anyone's hands.

In the hands of a wizard it has an even deadlier side. Requires attunment by a mage for full effect. 

As the name of the bow is whispered into the string and the string is drawn an arrow of pure energy appears. Damage is that of a longbow but the damage type is radient.

If the wizard gives up a spell slot as the radiant arrow is fired some effects can be added. Only one spell slot can be expended on a single attack.

Level 1+ spell slot, treat the shot as a fired from a +2 bow.

Level 1+ spell slot, the damage type becomes the type of damage chosen by the wizard.

Level 2+ spell slot, add intelligence modifier to damage.

Level 3+ spell slot, gain advantage on the attack roll.

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