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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wight, Night stalker.

These gruesome undead creatures have more in common with the common grave wight than that of the very rare barrow wight. The Grave wight are rotting corps animated by a dark essence and hunger for dead flesh. And the Barrow wight are the long dead who exist in both worlds, That of the living and of the dead.

The creatures known as the Night stalker Wight was once a living being possessed by great evil, The evil essence of great hunger and longing. The living being gives its self over to the dark essence and its soul is pulled over to the land of the dead.

The living beings body dies. But keeps its appearance it had in life. The body decays but at a very slow rate compared to that of other undead. To keep its life like appearance and to appease its dark hunger it must eat the flesh of the living or recently deceased.

No. Encountered: 1
Prime: Physical
Size: Medium
HD: 3(d8) Average 20HP
Move: 25 feet, 20 wall crawl.
AC: 13
Attack: Claws x 2 (1d6)
Special: Wall Crawl. Darkvision 120 feet
Int: Low - Average
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Type: Fiend (Possessed, undead)
XP Value:

Combat: Night stalkers move across the urban landscape at night. Looking for those it can ambush and devour. Night stalkers are smart enough to not leave a trace. Often dragging a body to the sewers or canal. Night stalkers are smart enough to take those it believes will not be missed or searched for.
Often stalking and watching a target for a week or more to make sure it is right to not raise suspicion. Waiting in the dark even watching from above as its target sleeps, Waiting for the right moment to attack. Night stalkers will also rob graves of the recently buried, But will not eat flesh that has been dead for more than a day. If a night stalker attacks a target and begins to loose it will turn and run, Doing what it can to not be destroyed.

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