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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Other kinds of points (Savage Worlds)

I've read a lot of house rules for expanding the utility of Bennies, adding a bunch of different effects. I've had the idea for a while to add different kind of points to the game. Much like arcane backgrounds add magic, psionic, or superhero points.
Most of these are mechanics from other games that I like, tuned for Savage Worlds.
Some of these could require an Edge, or GM can just hand them out as a setting rule if all players in a setting get them.

None of these are intended to be used together, But are intended to be used alongside regular bennies. Besides the "earned" edge option these are meant to be one time per session use. They are not replenished till the next game session. Not that I would dream of telling others how to use and resource in their game, This is just my intent in making them.

EDGE points: Edge points should be few but powerful, One per session would be best in my opinion. I would not recommend more than two per player. Or maybe there is just one edge that is earned and spent before any other player can earn it. Edge can only be spent at initiative, when its used its as if the player spending it got dealt the big joker.
Investigation points: Players each get 2-3 points and can spend them to instantly pass skill checks to find clues. Or if spent during a successful roll they gain more insight and treat it as a raise on top of any raises rolled.
Extra Effort points: These push points are for instances when making that one roll really counts. Starting with 2-6 effort seems to work best. Players cant use more effort on a single roll then their rank, so for example novice can only spend 1, on any 1 roll. Effort must be spent before the roll, each effort adds an additional d6 to the roll. The additional die do not explode, but rather just add to the total. Extra effort can be added to damage rolls as well, but only add d4s to the damage and also do not explode.
Escalation points: At the top of every combat round after the first, every player who participated in the previous round gets an escalation point. All weapons do +1damage for every point a player has. Players can spend them to get +3dmg on a single damage roll.
More to come.


  1. Some pretty interesting ideas. I do not think my players like me tinkering with the rules that much since some of my earlier keen ideas.


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