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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dorina Gray Npc/pregen Savage Worlds

Dorina Gray can see dead people, worse yet, they can see her right back. Dorina's mother was a founder of the white coven, the protectors against malevolent magics. Her father was a sorcerer of the dark arts who turned to the light. You could say Magik is in Dorina's blood. As a child dark forces tried to claim her, taking the life of both her parents. Dorina now works as an occult investigator and hunter, hoping one day to find her parents killer.
Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d4, Sp:d8, Vig:d6. Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 5, Charisma 0.
Fighting, stealth, d4.
Notice, Investigator, shooting, d6.
knowledge Ritual, knowledge creatures of the night d8.
weirdness magnet, If something weird is going to happen, it will happen to you. And something weird always happens.
Arcane Background.

Thomas Kane npc/pregen Savage Worlds

The streets of Metro city are cold and hard, so is Thomas Kane. Once an enforcer for the Verello crime family. He refused a job and is now burned as a "professional". Although forgiven by the head of the family Antonio Verello, Kane knows his refusal was a black eye to his son and heir Victor. The day Victor takes the helm those streets will get even colder, so might Kane.
Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d6, Vig:d8. Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 7, Charisma 0.
stealth, d4.
taunt, notice, shooting, driving, d6. intimidation, fighting, d8.
Enemy (mi) Victor Verello, may become major some day soon.
Code of honor (ma) Even a place like the streets of metro city there are rules, and Kane is not the heartless brute others think he is. " no woman, no children.... And I prefer they have it coming".
Fast Healer.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Logan Mathews pregen/Npc Savage Worlds

Logan Mathews was once a wanted man. Many tall tales surround him, he either denies or downplays them all. Doing a few jobs for a federal judge bought Logan a clean slate.
Logan is now a deputy, and right hand man of sheriff Josiah Granger of the town of wormwood.
Agi:d8, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d6, Vig:d6.
Pace 6", parry 4, toughness 5, Charisma 0.
Fighting, stealth, d4.
taunt, tracking, d6.
Gambling, riding, shooting, d8.
Enemy (mi) during Logans time as an outlaw and a lawman he has made a number of enemies.
Code of honor (ma) Logan was raised right. No lyin, cheatin, or stealin.
Logan is never without his custom pair of Colt lightning pistols.

Focus Stones (Rune Stones/magical item) Savage Worlds

Lesser Rune stones are created as a general spell foci. Each Rune is inscribed with a mark of power, the mark may vary from stone to stone but the effect is the same. When the lesser Rune stone is held in the hand, and a spell is caste the stone is consumed and "activates".

An activated Rune stone can amplify one of four aspects of a spell. Either the caster has +1 die type on casting roll (d6 becomes d8), The target has -2 on any save roll, the spell does one more die of damage of the appropriate type, or the type of damage changes to a type of damage chosen by the caster.

Greater Rune stones are created of much greater magics than those of the lesser. Greater stones are created for a specific spell.

Greater spell stones can be of a level fron 1-4. The greater Rune stone is consumed in the place of power points. So for example a level 2 spell stone would be consumed in the place of two power points reducing the final cost.

Rune stone creation rules to come.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

GM Intrusions in Savage Worlds

I've been running some The Strange and find one of the mechanics called a "GM Intrusion".

A GM intrusion is an action taken by the GM to spin the narrative in a different direction. Often bending or breaking the normal flow or order of things.

Example intrusions can be a sudden ambush, a villain/monster acting out of turn, even end or extend the duration of an effect. Most times they twist the narrative to make conditions worse for a player. That player is considered the target.

In The Strange and Numenera the player who is the target or most effected is offered XP to take the intrusion and allow it. If he accepts than the intrusion happens and the player gains the XP. But the player can deny the intrusion by paying one XP of their own.

Intrusions are often described as "Something that the GM was probably going to do anyway".

This seems like it could be a cool mechanic for Savage Worlds as well, using bennies in the place of XP.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Specializing and double specialized in 5E

I must admit that I love how proficiency works in 5E, simple and lite. With wiggle room like the Rogues the two skills they get to double their proficiency bonus on.

This got me thinking about additional training with regards to proficiency. I don't want to steal the rogues thunder and give other classes that big of a boost to skills, but having a rule for additional training would be nice. It could also be used in instances where the character gets the same skill from two different sources like say class and background.

I'm planning a game which will use only the (free) basic rules and some home brew subclasses. In that game I'm going to try out these house rules.

All characters at creation can pick out one skill to be specialized in. This skill nets an additional +1. If two character options give the same skill twice, that skill also becomes specialized and gains a +1. If the skill gained twice is also chosen as the one specialized skill then that skill is double specialized and gets a +2 instead. These bonuses all stack with proficiency bonus.

I'll see how this works.

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