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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

D&D 5E, Session 8, Impressions.

After spending a full session allowing players to add or change things from the basic set of rules over to the players handbook options my group looks slightly different but mostly the same.

I know have a Circle of the moon Druid, a Wild magic Sorcerer, a Hunter Ranger, A Fay packed Warlock, And an Arcane trickster Rogue. Its quite a mix.

Our 8th session ended with every one hitting level 4, every one took a feat but the Ranger and the warlock. The ranger is a human and already had sharpshooter but wanted the +1 to Dex. The warlock chose the +1 to Charisma since it took her from 17 to 18 gaining a step in ability bonus.

Everyone is really having fun, The system has become second nature and the players are really running things on a mechanical level, Sure they look at me on attack rolls and saves to see if they are successful. But most other rolls they just know what to roll and do it with very little input from me. Which is awesome for me, I don't feel like I'm having to worry about mechanics while trying to forward the story.

Another thing that jumped into my brain last session was the lack of magical items. I've given out or offered up none of them. I think back in the first game I gave out a few healing potions which all got used up in the first encounter. No magical weapons or armor....and nobody has really noticed. I really want the first magical Items to be something special, not so much powerful, Just don't want them common place.

Now that I have had even more time to ponder the inner working of 5E I think I like it even more  than my first thought. One thing that has really jumped out at me is the total lack of reasons to multiclass. Seems to me (just my opinion) that with the right combination of class, subclass, background, and feats you should be able to build about whatever you want. It seems to me multi classing will slow progression down too much for the small advantage you might receive from doing it.

Also the DIY community for 5E has been awesome. So many talented people making home baked resources and character options. I thought I might share a few here:

Undead Slayer Ranger Subclass
Blood Magic Sorcerous Origins
True Mutant Race
Unusual races
Psychic warrior Monk Subclass
Quick character generator and rules reminder
Some badass character options, Including Zen Archery for monks!
And last but not least,
An amazing hand drawn old school character sheet...

On my G+ feed I try to share a lot of the great recources that I see, So stop by and mill around when you got time. +Gaming Ronin .

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