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Sunday, May 6, 2012

AZAMAR, Wicked North Games

Azamar players guide is 192 page. Written by Brett M. Pisinski & J. Elliot Streeter. Available in both PDF and hard copy from Wicked North Games. Also available form as both PDF and POD.

 The system is Cinema6 (Using the cinema6 frame work), A reworking of the D6 system. Created and made OGL by West End Games. Cinema6 is a very dynamic system. It makes for a very cinematic and heroic feel. Cinema6 is also a bit simpler too. One way it differs is no pips. All attributes and skills are written in whole die. This also allows die to be tracked by filling in bubbles on the character sheet, any one familiar with white wolf's games will get the hang of right away.

In an industry saturated with fantasy games and fantasy settings I really feel Azamar stands out. First of all its not human centric. There are some full blooded humans they are very rare. Most of humanity are divided into two distinct mix blood races. Along side some more common fantasy races.

Enfri, who are a hobbit or tinker gnome like race. Immyr, a dwafen race, stout, strong, and love a good ale.
Tre’uoall, Wild elf like race, Empathic and aloof. Wyvine, a race of sea faring people known for being proud and loyal. Shrave, a goblin/reptilian like race who live deep in the earth, they are known for being patient and coarse.

Azamar is layer of worlds atop each other. With the blur being just beyond. The blur is A place of fiends and also the source of magic in Azamar. With other worlds beyond the blur. Being blur touched can also bring on special abilities as well as the use of spells.

The setting is deep and rich. History laid out for five millennium. With a lot of locations fleshed out. The bestiary in the book is a breath of fresh air. I was expecting your standard fair of monsters. Instead it is full of unique creatures to the world of Azamar.

The artwork in the book is black and white. Ranging from simple line drawing to full page fully shaded pictures. All the art seems well placed and fitting for the section its attached to. And all the art adds to the heroic scope and feel of the setting.

The only bad I can really find about this product (if there is one) is the layout of the book. While each section is laid out clearly the order of the sections are in a strange order:
Introduction: History
The Game: Rules
About Attributes: Attributes and Skills
Races: Races of Azamar
Characters: The basics
Character features: Abilities and magic
The world of Azamar:
Geography of Azamar:
The combat system:
Props: gear
Grandmaster characters:
Road to Azamar: intro adventure
Character templates:
This by no means a deal breaker for me. But I know some gamers go into convutions over this kind of thing and thought I would mention it.
Azamar is the kind of game I was hoping would come out of the Opend6 (D6 system) OGL. I would recommend it as a very imaginative setting. Built upon a strong, heroic, and cinematic system. I'm really enjoying the game and look forward to what Wicked North Games comes out with next.

We now know what is coming next from Wicked North Games, WestWard!

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