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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Castles & Crusades, Optional rules. Pt.2

Another optional Rule I am really thinking about using is spell points.

I have never been fond of "cast and forget" magic. I kind of understand it coming from war gaming roots. But beyond that I don't get it. If you like it that is cool. I just don't care for it, never have.

Im thinking about using each level as spell as a set number of spell points. So if a character can caste 3 level one spells than he can caste any 3 level one spells he knows in a day. This is true for every level of spell. All but  level 0. Level 0 spells are unlimited. The number on the spell chart is the number of level 0 spells a character knows.

I really like the Background optional rules by Jason Vey. I'm really thinking about giving it a roll too.

I'm seriously thinking about maxing out level at 12. With the way C&C is laid out level 12 seems just fine for max. I don't see any reason for progression on.

Hit Die start at max at first level. This was one of my first house rules back playing AD&D.

On a roll of 1 the character fumbles the attack and looses the rest of their turn.
A roll of 20 is an auto hit no matter what roll was needed. On an attack roll weapons do max damage.

I will be using the Background optional rules by Jason Vey. Players will get one roll on the chart and then find a way to explain the background.

Castles & Crusades, Optional rules.

The more I think about it I really like the Idea of adding the three saves from 3E. Im not sure yet if I want to make the saves target numbers like they are in 4E. If I do I might keep the C&C saves just as they are. Im still rolling this option around in my head.

On the idea of using feats. were one reason I didn't like 3E much. Feat bloat made the game more complex than I prefer at higher levels. And most power gaming I saw with 3E was through the use of feats. So I don't tread on this idea lightly. I'm thinking about only allowing a few, one or two at most. I ran across an house rule for C&C using "talents" which are just feats renamed. It suggested one at first and another every three levels.
Even that seems a bit much for my taste. I'm now thinking about allowing one talent at level 2, one at level 6, and the last at level 12. I think three is enough to add flavor and customization. Not enough to totally overload my game.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

S&W and C&C Saves and other options.

Please excuse me if this makes a tasty hamburger out of your sacred cow. But As I've said before I didn't grow up playing original D&D. I did start in the hobby by playing 1E AD&D, But I have no sacred cows. I play Swords & Wizardry and Castles & Crusades because I like rules-lite and easy to tinker and customize to taste systems. I do not see my self as part of the OSR or any other sub-faction of the old school movement. I actually really like 4E D&D, I just don't feel its right for my current tastes in a games.

I really like the idea of the three saves as target numbers from 4E D&D. I don't see any reason I could not incorporate them into S&W or C&C. Or any other game for that reason. I think the one save rule of S&W is pretty genius. But Doesn't always fit in my opinion. And Having the three saves for C&C doesn't have to replace the siege or the current save system. For example dodging the effects of a trap is still a trap save. But if a giant is throwing a rock he needs to roll against your Reflexe.

Adding feats to C&C. One of the major turn offs for me about 3E D&D was feat bloat. Just too many. So I love the idea of using "talents" which are feats renamed. I like the idea of getting one at first and one additional every 3 to 5 levels. Giving a few talents to customize the character to taste.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Some custom C&C classes.

Ok these two are not all that custom. They are just reworking of existing classes to get some more variety.

First up the priest.

While the Cleric is a divine caster and warrior, I want the priest to be just a divine caster. So I'm using the Wizards as a template. The priests HD, BtH, EPP, and spells per day will be that of the wizard. Rather than have bonus spells the priest can Turn undead like a cleric of the same level. Also instead of casting wizard spells the priest casts clerical divine spells. The priests weapon selection is that of the cleric, Armor is the same as the wizard, none.

Next up, The Warden.

A Warden is a warrior priest in the druidic order. For this I am using the cleric as a template. But rather than Divine spells the Warden casts Druitic spells.their HD, BtH, and EEP are all those of a cleric. Weapon sellection is that of a cleric. Wardens may wear padded, leather, Hide, and studded leather. Wardens can use Wooden shields of any size. Wardens get woodland stride and resist elements as a druid of the same level.
At level 10 the Warden gets  totem shape as if it was a level 6 Druid.

The warden is a reworked idea from 4E. By no means was I trying to reproduce it from 4E. Just replicate the class type for my own game.

More to come.

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