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Friday, December 12, 2014

Focus Stones (Rune Stones/magical item) Savage Worlds

Lesser Rune stones are created as a general spell foci. Each Rune is inscribed with a mark of power, the mark may vary from stone to stone but the effect is the same. When the lesser Rune stone is held in the hand, and a spell is caste the stone is consumed and "activates".

An activated Rune stone can amplify one of four aspects of a spell. Either the caster has +1 die type on casting roll (d6 becomes d8), The target has -2 on any save roll, the spell does one more die of damage of the appropriate type, or the type of damage changes to a type of damage chosen by the caster.

Greater Rune stones are created of much greater magics than those of the lesser. Greater stones are created for a specific spell.

Greater spell stones can be of a level fron 1-4. The greater Rune stone is consumed in the place of power points. So for example a level 2 spell stone would be consumed in the place of two power points reducing the final cost.

Rune stone creation rules to come.

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