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Friday, July 31, 2015

Hand of fate, specialization (Age system)

I've seen a few posts about being able to "save" or "hold" stunt ponts for later. It got me thinking. This was one idea that popped into my head.

Hand of fate/Chosen one

Novice: reroll any one failed spell save. You must keep the second roll.

Journeyman: Gain the hand of fate stunt.

Master: The hand of fate stunt now cost 4 rather than 5.

Stunt: Hand of fate
5 : gain a hero token, heroes can only have one hero token and can't stock pile them.

Any time a hero can spend his hero token to make a reroll, the hero must keep the second roll.

During the heroes turn the hero token can be exchanged for 4 stunt points. These points cannot be combined with other points gained and replace any stunt points rolled for this turn.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Magical Fetishes (Fantasy AGE)

Fetishes are minor magical items that have a connection to spell casting. These fetishes are almost always hand crafted by a magic user, fetishes make very personal connections between a magic user and her craft.

Only a single fetish can be used to assist in the casting of any one spell. A magic users can only carry a limited number of fetishes. 4 up to level 6. 5 up to level 11. 6 up to level 20.

There are three different kinds of magical fetishes.

Battery: batteries are crafted to store power. Magic points are spent when crafting a battery, those points are then stored in the battery. Mp cost is the number of points to be stored plus 5. Battery fetishes are tied to a school of magic rather than a single spell. Magic points stored can only be used to fuel spells of that specific school. Mp spent can be done in any amounts from one to depleting the battery in one shot. Cost to make a battery fetish is 1gp. Once charges are used up the battery is dead and can't be recharged. Time to craft is one hour per 10mp charged.

Foci: Foci fetishes are tied to a specific spell. Foci are used to magnify the power of a given spell. When casting the spell the foci is tied to the foci adds it's level to the spell power of the caster. Cost to make a foci is 1gp x level (max lv4).
Every time a foci is used make a depletion roll. Roll 3d6 and subtract the mp cost of the spell, if the total is zero or negative the foci is depleted. Time to craft is 1hr per level.

Charm: charms are tied to a specific spell. When a charm is used during the casting of the spell add the level of the charm to the casting roll. Cost to make a charm is 5sp x level (max lv5). Every time a charm is used make a depletion roll. Roll 3d6 and subtract the mp cost of the spell, if the total is zero or negative the charm is depleted. Time to craft is 1hr per level.

Fetishes can also be fashioned in quick and dirty single use versions. This is more common with Foci and charms. A single use fetish cost 1/2 for materials and are depleated on a single use. These fetishes are often refered to as nacks or trinkets. Time to craft is 20min plus 5min per level or 10mp charged.

Murkwood Elves (Fantasy AGE)

The elves of mirkwood are mysterious and cursed. Centuries of dabbling in the dark arts has left them a corrupt and callous people.

Mirkwood elves make night raids into human lands for wealth and captives. Mirkwood elves practice blood magic, magic fueled by the blood of human captives. For whatever reason they rarely take other races. And never take elves of any kind.

Total dark vision, even magical darkness. Up to 40'.


Accuracy: 3
- Bow
- Initiative
Perception: 2
Willpower: 3

Health: 28

Spell power: 13
Magic: 18

Bow +5 hit, 1d6+4
Short sword +o hit, 1d6+1

Favored stunts:
Pierce armor & Mighty blow

Shadow dagger & shadows embrace.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gunmage Talent (Fantasy AGE)


Class: Mage
Prereq: Accuracy 1+, Intelligence 2+.

Novice: gunmages can spend 2 spell points to Aim as a free action.

Journeyman: firing your black powder weapons is so imbued with magic that it is now a form of spell casting. Stunt points earned are now spell stunt points. Mighty spell, magic shield, fast casting, imposing spell, split spell, disrupt magic, and lethal spell are all valid uses of spell points.

Master: a bullet can be charged with arcane power. By spending 5mp and a minor action the next attack gains the effect of the lethal blow stunt.

Black powder Talent (Fantasy AGE)

Black powder
Classes:Mage, Warrior, and Rogue.
Req: Trained with black powder.

You are experienced with black powder weapons, rounds, & powder.

Novice: Aim maneuver gives a +2 rather than its normal +1.

Journeyman: Due to practice and familiarity you are able to load your weapons faster. Reloading black powder weapons is a minor action for you.

If you also have the Alchemy talent you have the knowledge to make your own powder. Materials cost 1/3 what the rounds would normally cost.

Master: When firing black powder weapons pierce armor costs only 1 SP.

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