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Monday, June 13, 2016

Vampire Descriptor (Cypher system)

I know everyone has a different idea about how a vampire should be stated up. This is my take on a vampire by way of descriptor.


Unnatural grace: +2 Speed pool.
Unnatural strength: +2 Might pool

Skill: Trained in all speed defense.
Skill: Trained in all aspects of influence and persuasion in social situations.
Skill: Trained in all might defense.

Inability: Vampires have an adversion to direct sunlight. While in sunlight vampires have no edge when spending for extra effort.

Initial link to the starting adventure:
1. You are in love/infatuated with a member of the party. (do they know?)
2. There is a connection to your past, some aspect of the adventure is part of your own history (was it before or after your change?)
3. You have seen coming events in your sleep. You are connected to some aspect that even you might not understand.

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