Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Using minis in my 5E game.

It looks like we are going to be using minis from here on out in my main 5E game. My players want them. I tried to pull them all and just use "theater of the mind" combat. My players have resorted to either drawing out the scene on paper or laying out dice to represent everyone. Even using my dry erase board to track movement. So I'm giving in, I got them, so I might as well use them. We have never used grids and played like it was a mini game, We dont plan to start now. But my players have made it very clear that they want to use them.

Monday, December 15, 2014

RE-recapping 2014, and looking forward to 2015

Tomorrow will be D&D session number 20.
It will also be our last game of the year (I think) as we discussed taking the next two weeks off for the holidays.

Last week I introduced a new group who oppose the dragon cult, they resurrected a player in trade for the players recovering items stolen from their temple by the cult. I'm thinking by now Horde of the dragon queen is pretty unrecognizable by now.

We played last week after I did my 2014 recap and 2015 looking forward blog post on the blog. After the game I put the group to a vote.

The clear winners of the player's vote are both 5E and Savage Worlds. Which I love both, but I had hoped a few other games I ran this year would have made a bigger impact. So it looks like a lot more 5E and SW in my future.

Montu of Sansua Pregen/NPC Savage Worlds

At a very young age Montu was apprenticed to a medicine man. He learned of the spirits and the land. As exiting as it was, Montu was a restless young man and had dreams of his own. He often sought out those that traveled the trade routs and told tales of the foreigners and foreign lands.

Montu's life changed the day the British explorer and occult hunter Alister Cunningham stopped in the village to rest on their way to far off places. Alister told tales of the world he had seen and Montu was transfixed. Montu disguised himself as a servant in the caravan and stowed away.

Over the next years Montu proved himself an able spirit guide and warrior, saving the life of Alister and his men numerous times. Montu has made a place for himself within Alisters inner circle of explorers. Montu is Alister's most trusted confidant and adviser on all things to do with the spirits and the land.

Agi:d6, Sm:d6, Str:d6, Sp:d8, Vig:d6. Pace 6", parry 5, toughness 5, Charisma 0.

Healing d4.
Survival, Climbing, Throwing, Stealth, notice, Faith, fighting, d6.

Curious (ma) Montu wants to see the world.
Loyal (mi) Ones traveling companions must all trust on another in the dark places.
Pacifist (mi) kill in defense only, Even the scorpion has a job to do in this world.

Arcane background (Miracles)
-See with spirit eyes (Detect Arcane)
-Call of the land (Elemental Manipulation)