Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm a gamer, not a collector.

Some time ago I read a blog post by Pat Bellavance called To Much Game. Its stuck in my head.

I'm no gaming collector, I have a "no play, no keep policy". Every so often I go through my gaming books, If I haven't ran it I trade or sell it off.

Yet some how I still end up with more and more books. I've joked before that it gamer ADHD, or some kind of gaming equivalent to horders.

I really need to narrow my focus and support the games I actually run. We'll see how that goes.

What games have I run since the start of 2014?
Castles & Crusades
Amazing Adventures
Covert ops
Barebones fantasy
Savage Worlds
D&D 5E
The Strange

Monday, October 13, 2014

A (new) blog is born

I've decided to start a second blog. Gaming Ronin will continue as it has. Expect more of everything in the future.
I'm starting a Strands of Reality blog. This will be just for the Cypher system.
There might be some double posting in the future but not much.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Strange RPG (Numenera)

I've read through Numenera RPG a few times. I really find the cypher system refreshing and interesting. Its approach to rules lite feels very right to me.

Shortly after I read it over the first time I remember some one asking on Google+ "what is one product you wish you liked more than you do". I answered Numenera. While I found the system appealing, the setting was just too far out there. Looking at it as a fantasy setting I found it so removed from my idea of fantasy I just wasn't sure I would ever run something like that. If I have an abundance of anything, its fantasy settings/games.

I hadn't thought too much of it until the other night I stumbled across a review for The Strange RPG. I really like what I read about it. I find the idea of incursions interesting. Looks like The Strange RPG might be my gateway into the cypher system.

Expect to hear more on this.........