Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mini painting

N3 is out. Infinity 3rd edition is here and I'm back at the table painting minis and assembling terrain. More on this to come.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

5E DMG rundown Chapter 9

Now that I've had time to look closer at the 5E DMG I want to go over it by chapter. I'm going to do it randomly, starting with chapter nine.

I find most of chapter 9 to be pretty useful, there are a few sections that are less than inspiring. But overall chapter 9 was the one chapter that was looking forward to the most.

I really like the proficiency dice option, I think it could be a lot of fun and really wouldn't change the game that much other than adding a much more random elements the game.

The next section on skills variants, looks pretty interesting. The ability check proficiencies by class is really cool looking to me, it feels a lot like castles and Crusades, which anybody that knows me knows I'm a big castles and Crusades fan.

Background proficiency I think should be just part of the game, not just a house rule. It feels a lot like the common knowledge roll in games like Savage Worlds.

Personality trait proficiency seems like a good idea, could have a lot of fun with it. But it really requires the players to write out who their character is on a much deeper level than I think a lot of people do in Dungeons and Dragons.

Hero points is the one option that I feel falls kind of flat. A single d6 really doesn't add a lot to a d20 roll. Since on average a d6 is only going to add 3 the roll. Unless you just barely miss, it's not really doing anything but pushing you over a near-miss into successful roll. Its just not heroic. Something like a reroll would be much more appropriate for a hero point System.

The optional ability scores of honor and sanity seem like a pretty useful addition for the right type of game. Not every game would make good use of it, but that's kind of the idea.

The next section adventuring options. Here's where you'll find special rules for fear and horror. I find these rules pretty good nothing groundbreaking, could be useful.

Also found within adventuring options is a rules for healing, there's rules for using healing surges, slow natural healing, also rest variants. Rest variants are a good addition since it seems to be one of the rules that some GMs seem to have a problem with in the rules as written. I personally don't mind the rules as written and don't think there needs to be a variant but that's my personal taste.

The next section in adventuring options is rules for firearms explosives and alien technology. The firearm section is fairly basic with has rules for any ammunition,burst fire, and reloading. Explosives cover bombs, gunpowder, dynamite, and grenades. The chart that follows the section is very basic list of explosives and firearms covering Renaissance weapons, modern, and futuristic items. It's all pretty basic and simple but very nice core if you wanted to create your own or create additional weapons to bolt on.

The next section is plot points. Seem to be a device for allowing the characters to have some narrative control and to take over scenes during the game. While it isn't really something that I would care to use in my games, I know there's plenty out there that would like these options.

The next section is combat options. Included in combat options are rules for initiative variants, speed factor, and combat action options. There's also rules for cover and lingering injuries. Included in the section are rules for massive damage and morale.

The next section is rules for creating your own monsters, magical items, and spells. These sections are not extensive, they're fairly short and most the rules revolve around taking an existing and customizing it to make the spell, monster, or magical item that you want. I have heard a lot of dungeon masters complain that they wanted more in these sections. For what it is though I think the section actually covers a lot of ground. But I think others wanted more charts and creation rules.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Spell refocused (trapping) Savage Worlds

Another character we are working on is a druid. Although he will have shape change he wanted a magical melee attack. The druids arms shift to bear like forearm and claws. We want this to be a supernatural attack and not dependent on the strength of the druid.

I will be mixing the effects of both smite and bolt. So the profile will use smite, minus the ability to effect others. Do 2d6 dmg like bolt, with a +2 to dmg on a raise like smite.