Monday, April 20, 2015

Human variant 5E D&D

I've noticed a debate on the human variant. Some find the free feat to be too powerful. But everyone seems to like the idea of having options.

The point of the human array of bonuses is to show the versatility of the human race. I dont feel the +1 to all abilities represents that as well as it could. I also want a variant that is basic rules compatible.

I plan to allow human players to choose which they want to use.

Human Variant:
+2 to any one attribute,
Or +1 to two different attributes. (Max 20).
Choose two skills not already proficient in to become proficient with.

Urban fantasy with 5E

I got the idea to run an urban fantasy game using D&D 5E basic. Some sort of monster hunting secret societies. Maybe a hidden world element like Hellboy and the golden army. A group of 'Rangers' from that side who pass into our world to hunt the horrors.

My first thought was to look at what would need to be converted to make this work.

First off Race, I'm going to allow all the races from basic. All the races will be less defined in appearance. All of them can pass for human. Dwarves are short and stocky while elves are slender and agile. But all can pass for human. But with a trained eye or knowledge they can be see for who they are.

Second Classes, looking over the classes I thought I would have to change a lot. But now that Ive looked I'm changing very little. All players are proficient with martial ranged weapons under modern items from the firearms chart from page 268 from the DMG. Fighters are proficient in medium armor and all others light only. Obviously things like archery focus will instead let the players choose one type of firearm to focus on.

Next Backgrounds, nothing to really change here. Just change references to modern references. Nobles will be from a rich family, corporate job, or celebrity. Ect.

And Skills, I dont plan to add any skills. Instead I'm treating driving and computer use as tool proficiencies. Which every one has. After all they are skills to use a specific device and not really as broad as the standard skills.

Thats about it. Ready to play.