Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Running Cyberpunk with 5E D&D?

Ive seen a few posts around the net about using guns in 5e D&D. Mention of black-powder as well as modern. So it got me thinking, what would be that absolutely simplest plug and play way to run something like Cyberpunk. Just plug and play and run. So here is a quick shot at it.

Street Samurai
HD:D10, primary:Str, Dex.
Armor proficiency: Light, Med, Hvy armor.
Weapon Proficiency: Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, Hvy support.
Tools: Gunsmith.
Skills: choose any three.
Start with 4 contacts.

HD: D6, primary: Cha, Wis.
Save: Cha, Int.
Armor proficiency: Light armor.
Weapon Proficiency: Pistol, Rifle.
Tools: Disguise, forgery.
Skills: choose 6.
Start with 6 contacts.

Techi (Hacker)
HD: D6, primary: Int.
Save: Int.
Armor proficiency: Light armor.
Weapon Proficiency: Pistol.
Tools: CyberDeck.
Skills: Choose 6.
Start with 4 contacts.

All firearms have a crit range of 19-20.
Basic pistol 1d8 piercing, 100/800 double tap
SMG  1d8 piercing  100/600 double tap, spray
Rifle 1d10 piercing 400/1000  2-handed
Assault Rifle 1d10 piercing 400/800 double tap, spray, 2handed
Shotgun  1d12/1d6 piercing  30/200, 2handed
HMG 1d10 piercing spray, spray2, heavy, 2handed.

Double tap: take two attacks against the same target, do not add dex bonus to either shot just proficiency is it applies.

Spray: releasing a burst of rounds at a target. every possible target within 5' of the initial target must make a Dex save or take weapon damage. initial target of the attack takes an additional 1d10 on a failed save.

Spray2: Attacker picks a spot to attack, all targets within a 10' must make a Dex save or take x2 weapon damage, normal weapon damage on a successful save. Any roll 5 greater than the save DC take no damage.

DC of a firearm attack is 10+proficiency(if applies)+Dex adj of attacker.

Light Armor: as Studded leather.
Medium Armor: as Breastplate.
Heavy Armor: as Splint.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dwarven armor (mastercraft-magic) 5E

Among the demihuman races of the middle lands there are craftsmen of renown. As they work they can't help but imbue some of their own magical nature into every hammer blow.

Dwarven masterwork items are imbued with the resilience of the Dwarves themselves.

Dwarven armor is only forged in medium and heavy. Dwarven armor is a bit less rare as Elven, but prized just as much. Dwarven armor is found can cost x3-x5 that of standard armor of the same type.

Wearing Dwarven forged armor gives the wearer a +1 to all con saving throws. After wearing the armor for more that a month the wearer gains a one time bonus of 2 hit points.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Taking 10, 5E D&D.

Looking over the PH I can't help but compare 5E to other d20 derived games.
I think that 5E might be the first d20 derived game since True20 that I feel comfortable using the take ten rule.
I always found scaling DCs based on the characters level and skill points made taking 10 only useful at very low levels.
With 5E a DC 15 task will always be a DC15 task. And not a DC 20 just because the character is over level 15.

I've never really like the idea of Take 20, The idea with more time and no stress you are able to not just work more efficient, but at your 100% best every time you do it. Although it does make me thing a Take 15 rule might just need some play testing.