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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mini-Six, D6, And Breachworld.

In the past I did a review and some write ups for the Mini-Six RPG. A light fast running RPG based on the amazing D6 system (OpenD6) put out (free) by Anti-paladin games. Recently I came across the info about a new game called Breachworld being developed by Jason Richards for the Mini-Six system. Here is some of the info I found out about it:

"What is Breachworld?

                                                                                                                                                                 A A post-apocalyptic, open-world, kitchen-sink, sandbox RPG, powered by Mini Six.

Breachworld, a variation on the OpenD6 ruleset made available to publishers by Open Game License (OGL). The rules incorporate familiar D6 mechanics that we all remember from various West End Games products, but a bit streamlined. Roll against situational difficulties set by the Game Master and root for that exploding “wild die” to come up a 6 time and time again! With one core mechanic, play is fast and intuitive, and easy to learn."- from

This looks like a game I have been waiting to come along, Its got my name all over it. I really love the Mini-Six system and these kind of crazy techno fantasy anything can come through a breach and bite your face off kind of setting.

Next thing I found out about the setting was a Kickstarter for it that I missed out on, But after stumbling across the Breachworld G+ community and asking about the product. I was informed by Mr. Richards that he was running a preorder of sorts and allowing people to back the project even now after the KS has ended. This is directly from

"The Kickstarter may have ended, but your opportunity to support has not!"

"Just because the Kickstarter is over doesn’t mean that your opportunity to support the project has passed you by. If you would like to increase your pledge, or if you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign and want to help make the Breachworld RPG a reality, we can do that.
Simply fill out the form below to contact Jason Richards Publishing to discuss how you would like to support the project. Select from the list of recommended support levels, or create your own and drop us a line to confirm. We’ll then set up the transaction on an individual basis."

I'm going to go back it, I really want to see the d6 system live on and this looks like a great setting for it.

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