Saturday, October 18, 2014

Savage Worlds RPG, Why I Dig it Part 4.

What do I think is the #1 best thing about Savage Worlds?

While I find Savage Worlds to be a indeed "Fun, Fast, and Furious". And a great many of it's bits and pieces are outright fun and combined make for a great game experience.

I'm sure everyone has had experiences with Savage worlds zealots, your on some message board and some guy just will not shut up about how Savage Worlds can do this or that better, faster, and do it while running backwards. This is often new players who just learned about the system and almost cant help themselves. When you ask them what is the best thing about Savage Worlds you get the Fun, Fast, Furious line and some of the things I posted in part 1 & 2.

But for me the absolute best thing about Savage Worlds is its AMAZING community. I have found that across the board its what a gaming community should look like. If you look on Facebook, G+ communities, and PEGs own message boards you will find some of the most friendly and helpful people. Savage Worlds has great writers, designers, Licensees, Game masters, and Players who support and encourage each other. Its something that needs to be witnessed for yourself.

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