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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

D6 starwars, Again?

You know what just hit me (sure I'm not the first to think of it). D6 system is now OGL with Opend6. And the Starwars license is up for grabs. A company could put the game out again in its original system.

Hmmmmmm.....very interesting.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cyberjack mini-six (kitchen sink setting)

The very nature of kitchen sink settings make them a ton of fun. They often need really flexible rules to cover anything from magic to fighter jets. And the fact that im really a rules lite kinda guy these days lets try mini-six for it, Just to see how is shakes loose.
 Here are the came class ideas but as Templates. Since this is a heroic scale game in giving 14D to attributes. Any attribute above 4 needs an explanation (cyberware ect.).

Boosters are super soldiers. Their bodies have been pushed to the limits of human perfection. After the great war many boosters became mercs or sell swords. Some took up a cause of one kind or another to fight for.
The booster system uses both nanotech and combat drugs.
Might: 4D
-Climbing 4D+1
-Jumping 4D+1
-Swimming 4D+1
-Brawling 4D+2
Agility: 5D
-Dodge 6D
-Stealth 5D+2
-Melee 6D+2
Wit: 3D
-Weapon smithy 3D+2
-Tactics 3D+1
Charm: 2D
-Barter: 3D

Dodge: 18, Block: 20, Parry: 20, Soak: 12 (18 )
The Booster system gives the booster amazing regenerative ability. Boosters regenerate 1 wound level every twenty minutes. Boosters are hyper aware, they get full dodge even when surprised. 
 A booster can over charge his system once per 6 hours. This over clocking will add one die to Dodge parry and block as well as all attack rolls for a single combat. But does one would level of damage to the booster.
Boosters start with a heavy auto pistol 4D, Battle Rifle 5D, a ballistic vest (+6), and 3D6x10 credits.

A Ken is a master of mystic arts. Able to manifest his inner-strength through his body.
A ken can come from any number of belief systems. Maybe he believes his power is ordained or god given.
No matter the belief system his mastery is unquestionable.
Might: 4D
-Climbing 4D+1
-Jumping 4D+1
-Swimming 4D+1
-Brawling 4D+2
-Endurance 4D
Agility: 5D
-Dodge 6D
-Stealth 5D+2
-Melee 6D
Wit: 3D
-Meditation 3D+1
-Tracking 3D+1
-Religion 3D+1
Charm: 2D
-Barter: 3D

Dodge: 18 (20), Block: 18 (20), Parry: 18, Soak: 14 
A Kens body has been honed from years of physical training. A Kens have a natural soak of +2. Ken almost never wear any form of armor. When not wearing any form of armor a Ken may add +2 to dodge and block against any attack he is aware of. A ken may jump three times the normal distance, and fall/jump up to 20' with out being hurt.
A kens fists are hardened from years of training going Might+1D damage.  At level 6 a ken may add 1D damage to any simple martial weapon as well, as they become an extension of his body.
A ken starts out with a martial weapon and 2d6x10 Credits. 

A Ronin is a sell sword. A soldier for higher. Ronin are very often men of principle and not simply a merc. Ronins live by a code. A word given is a bond in blood. while they call no land their own or patron their lord. when in a contract or sworn oath of any kind they are totally loyal.
Might: 5D
-Climbing 5D+1
-Jumping 5D+1
-Swimming 5D+1
-Brawling 5D+2
Agility: 4D
-Dodge 4D
-Stealth 4D+2
-Melee 5D
-Driving 4D+2
Wit: 3D
-Tracking 3D+1
-Armory 3D+1
Charm: 2D
-Barter: 3D+2

Dodge: 12, Block: 17, Parry: 15, Soak: 15 (25)
 A Ronin has no qualm with altering his body to better his abilities. 
 Both arms are cybernetic replacement.
Right arm has a hidden blade +2 dmg to punch when extended.
Left arm as a ram system. Can be used once before needing recharged. Might+2D dmg Scale2.
Pain editor givens the ronin the ability to ignore pain taking no penalty for wound levels.
Ronin always carry a battle blade. These blades are almost always vibro-blades, These blades are functional as well as a mark of their station as a warrior.
A Ronin starts out with a vibro-sword +4D (ignore 2 soak), a Heavy pistol 4D, an smg 3D+1, and a battle rifle 5D. Ronin Start with ceramisteel plate armor (full set +10) and 3d6x10 Credits.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I really was one of the people who didn't get into the d20 explosion. When I moved to Texas I had just a few gaming books with me. Its was the 7th Seas core books, Legends of the 5 rings core book, My 3rd edition GURPS core books and the newly released DMG an PH for 3rd edition D&D.

3rd Edition D&D and D20 seemed so promising. Loved the Idea of it. Loved the idea of feats and skills. I had long since stopped playing any fantasy games, Let along D&D.

By the time I found a gaming shop and gamers to play with d20 was rolling strong. But the only players I could find that played it were massive power gamers. The way they played was not the style I wanted to run so I really didn't get anything rolling with 3rd edition. Instead I got into a group oF GURPS players. GURPS was all I really played through out the next 5 years or so.

So Its funny that now, after all the hype over d20 is mostly over that I now own so many systems derived from d20. True20, Mutants & masterminds, and Castles & Crusades. I still take issue with feat overload. But that is nothing a little house ruling cant fix.

I'm glad to add one more version to my collection.
I have actually had Modern20 for a little while now. But just recently got a chance to look through it in depth. While I have read through a lot of games derived from d20 that were basically the OGL with house rules I have to say Modern20 is a bit of a redesign.

The math is about the same. The structure is d20. But the character side of things is totally redesigned. Characters are designed using backgrounds, occupations, and class. There is no need for prestige classes because character development is open enough to build the character you really want to play.

One innovation I think is weapon skills. From having weapon skills you get better with the weapon in way beyond just a to hit bonus. For firearms this means better at making multiple shots or called shots. For melee weapons this could mean improved parry, Shield training, or two weapon fighting.

I think Modern20 is great. I'll be using it here soon for a few games.

I picked up the PDF but I think ill be picking up a print copy here soon.

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