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Thursday, March 29, 2012

D6 system. Keeping it alive.

I have been watching the development of the OpenD6 system ever since the announcement that is would go OGL. I have really liked the system for many years and find it a very elegant and practical system. I ran some Star wars back in the day and really enjoyed running the system.

With the basic system going OGL you can now download all the basic books online. Some from And sites like this.

A few companies are running with the system going forward. One is Anti-paladin games who created their own version called Mini-Six. Its a faster and simpler variant of the original D6 system.

Wicked north games has created their own version of D6 fantasy setting called Azamar.

They are working on another game called Westward. A steampunk western.I'll be updating this when it goes to kick starter.

Also check out the D6 Magazine.

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