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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Return of the healing surge (5E D&D)

Hit dice are a resource, something I want the players to have to manage, to weigh the pros and cons of every use. As is there is really only one choice that matters, and that is how many to use during a rest.

I propose a second option. Hit dice can be used during battle, but only a single use per battle, take what you roll that doesn't add Con mod to the roll. It's worse than a rested use, and it's a limited resourse. Great for when you don't know if you will live til the next rest. But something you might regret when the chips are down and you have burned through all your hit die.

Duel class, duel backgrounds, Batman (5E)

One of my players and I happen to be talking about backgrounds in 5E. How they add flavor even if they are pretty narrowly focused.

Somehow the conversation went the direction of playing more experienced characters who were not necessarily more skilled at their class. How two backgrounds might be even more fitting than a duel class. Or might even compliment a duel class.

As these conversations often do this one turned to comic books for a frame of reference. Specifically Batman. If batman at the start of his time as the man bat was a D&D character how would he be best represented?

So here is my quick and dirty conversation batman build. I would start him off as level 2: 1 Rogue, 1Fighter (fighter being his class) with both the Criminal and Noble backgrounds. While growing up with as a young noble the murder of his parents consumed him. Disguising himself he sought out those that could train him in the ways of stealthful fighting and ways of the underworld.

Initiative in Index card RPG.

I've had some time to think about some of the workings of ICRPG. Being a tinkerer at heart I can't help but want to come up with mat...