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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Drow in 5E

Now that I have had more time to look over the new players handbook I have a few choices to make. One of those choices in which races will be allowed in my games.

First up is the Drow, I have never seen the Drow as a good playable race. I actually find their inclusion in the PH to be more misplaced than even the Dragonborn or Tieflings.

Rather than just disallow the Drow as a playable race I have decided to replace them with another subterranean race of elves. And keep Drow as a villainous race of raiders and slavers that they are.

My inspiration will be the Elves from Hellboy II: The golden army.


  1. In an attempt to strip the Tolkein out of my D&D as much as I could, I actually made the Hellboy elves my default elves. Alien otherworldly beings from another dimension with sap-like blood who turn to marble and crumble when they're killed.

    1. Very cool, Sounds like some Elfhelm added in there as well. Nice!


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