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Monday, September 29, 2014

Dwarven armor (mastercraft-magic) 5E

Among the demihuman races of the middle lands there are craftsmen of renown. As they work they can't help but imbue some of their own magical nature into every hammer blow.

Dwarven masterwork items are imbued with the resilience of the Dwarves themselves.

Dwarven armor is only forged in medium and heavy. Dwarven armor is a bit less rare as Elven, but prized just as much. Dwarven armor is found can cost x3-x5 that of standard armor of the same type.

Wearing Dwarven forged armor gives the wearer a +1 to all con saving throws. After wearing the armor for more that a month the wearer gains a one time bonus of 2 hit points.

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