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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

CyberPunk - Shadowrun (Savage Worlds) Pregens

Here is a few CyberPunk - Shadowrun Pregens, Could also be used as NPC hirelings or possibly a rival crew. They are pretty basic. Made them in just a few minuets with just the core book.

Arron Loke Solo/Cyber-Samuria Novice
Ag:d8 Sm:d4 Sp:d6 St:d6 Vi:d6
Driving:d6 Fighting:d8 Healing:d4 Intimidation:d6 Notice:d6 Shooting:d8 Stealth:d6
Pace:5" Parry:6 Toughness:7/9 (5) Charisma:0
Hindrances:Code of honor, Wanted (has a record, Prints and DNA on record)
Edges: Brave, Martial Artist
Gear:Silver Street-line pistol (as Desert Eagle in core),Kevlar Vest, Sports bike, 500$
Cyberware:Wired Reflexes (as Danger Sense)

Tabitha "tabs" Wilson Wheels/Rigger Novice
Ag:d8 Sm:d8 Sp:d6 St:d6 Vi:d4
Driving:d10 Fighting:d4 Healing:d4 Notice:d8 Persuasion:d4 Shooting:d4 Stealth:d4, Repair:d6.
Pace:5 Parry:4 Toughness:4 Charisma:0
Hindrances: Arrogant, Loyal, Vengeful (min),
Edges:Danger Sense
Gear: Eagle 99 Pistol (as Glock in core book), Set of tools, Starline midsize sedan, 500$ 

Sigmund "sin" Robison Hacker/Techi Novice
Ag:d6 Sm:d10 Sp:d6 St:d4 Vi:d4
Driving:d6 Computer:d10 Notice:d8 Persuasion:d4 Repair:d4 Shooting:d4 Stealth:d8
Pace:5 Parry:2 Toughness:4 Charisma:0
Hindrances:Cautious, Yellow, Greedy
Edges: Connection (hacker consortium), Connection (Black-market dealer)
Gear: Eagle 99 pistol (as Glock in core), Hacking unit (wrist model), 500$.
Cyberware: wireless Cyberlink to hacker unit.

Sam Lin Street Shaman Novice
Ag:d6 Sm:d8 Sp:d8 St:d4 Vi:d4
Driving:d6 Fighting:d4 Healing:d6 Intimidation:d6 Notice:d6 Shooting:d4 Stealth:d4 Magic:d8
Pace:5 Parry:4 Toughness:4 Charisma:0
Hindrances:Outsider (many people don't trust magic users), All thumbs
Edges: Arcane Background: Magic
Gear: Eagle 99 pistol (as Glock in core),Sacred text, scrolls, Fetishes, Sports bike, 500$

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