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Friday, January 26, 2018

Warlock specialization for Fantasy AGE

Some mages draw on magic from forbidden knowledge. Often obsessed with the obtaining dark lore and forbidden tomes. As such they find ways to bypass many of the weaknesses of other mages.
The common folk fear warlocks, they are known as "soul eaters". Warlock perfered Arcana are Fire and Shadow. Many also favor the Power arcana.

Warlock specialization
Class: Mage
Requirements: Intelligence 4 or higher and Intelligence (Arcane Lore) Focus.

Novice: the warlocks arcane blast becomes 1d6 penetrating damage (but no longer benefits from willpower).
Journeyman: warlocks can ignore 1 point of strain from wearing non-metal armor.
Master: Arcane blast now does 2d6 penetrating damage. Once damage is rolled the warlock gains drain equal to half the damage done rounded down. Warlocks can gain health and/or magic points for every point of drain, divided any way they choose.

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