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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Pierson Monster, Savage Worlds

D6 Agility
D6 Smarts
D6 Strength
D8 Spirit
D10 Vigor

-2/+2 Charisma (depends on who you ask)
6" Pace
6 Parry (based on argument, internet house rule)
4 Toughness (based on immersion, house rule)

D10 Knowledge: Reading chicken bones.
D4 Knowledge: immersion
D8 Knowledge: Argument
D10 taunt
D4 persuasion

No mercy
Arcane background: Arcane banter
Allies: Nerds-international

Addiction: games with funky dice
Enemy: Dragonspawn (one who attacks from behind).

Vapor of confusion (Confusion)
Banter til you die (Entangle)
Argue in a circle (Drain power points)

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