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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kravunn of the Black Reach, Demon Lord.

Kravunn is lord of the Black Reach keep and surrounding mountains. Which he took by slaying Morosh the dragon king in single combat. 

Kravunn commands a legion of Demon soldiers. Two of Morosh's chideren, enslaved and corrupted stand guard at the Black Reach keep. The region is filled with followers of Kravunn, followers are known for taking slaves in raids along the coast of the dark mountains. The threat of followers infiltrating neighboring settlements has many on guard, making all the neighboring lands weary of strangers.

2 Accuracy (Bale fire)
2 Communication 
6 Constitution (Stamina)
2 Dexterity 
6 Fighting (Claws, chain whip, long spear)
2 Intelligence
3 Perception (dark sense)
6 Strength (Intimidation, Might)
4 Will power (Courage, self discipline)

Speed 10
Health 120
Defense 12
Armor Rating 8

Bale fire          +4   2D6  penetrating damage
Infernal whip  +8  2d6+6 
Claws.             +8  3d6+6 

Favored stunts
Bale fire: knock prone & Mighty blow
Infernal whip: Skirmish & Disarm
Claws: lightning attack

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