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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Forest Guardian for Fantasy AGE RPG

At the heart of all great old Forests sits a guardian. Enchanted beings, so ancient not even the gods remember how they came to be. Some say the first order of druids summoned them, other say they brought the first order of druids to the deep woods. 

What is known is the deep woods are protected by the guardians. Protected from incursion from Man, Orc, and Demons alike. Even the Elves who show the forest and guardians reverence rarely travel too deeply into the ancient forests. Only the Orders of Druids and Rangers enter the deepest of forsts, communing with the ancient guardians as fellow defenders.

Guardians of the forest can call on all manner of allies in the forests. Ents, wild animals, Rangers, Druids, and Wild elf tribes.

Guardians have access to a wide range of Arcana.

Guardians can take two forms. The guardian form is that of a 15' tall horned humanoid. The second is that of a great white stag. 

4 Accuracy (Arcane blast)
2 Communication 
3 Constitution (Stamina)
2 Dexterity 
3 Fighting (Brawl)
4 Intelligence (Arcane lore +4, Nature lore +8)
4 Perception (sight, hearing, smell)
3 Strength 
6 Will power (Courage, self discipline)

Speed 10
Health 80
Defense 14
Armor Rating 8
Magic points: 30

Arcane Blast   +6   1d6+Will
Claws.              +4    1d6+3
Horned attack +5   2d6+2

While in Great Stag form perception and Dexterity becomes 6. Speed is 16, Defense 18, and Armor rating of 4.

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